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Kodi to play?

Looking for more playmakers on an offense that currently ranks last in the SEC, will Auburn turn to true freshman quarterback Kodi Burns to provide a spark? According to AU head coach Tommy Tuberville, if Burns is going to play this year, he needs to earn a spot soon. The AU staff has said on several occasions Burns will have to be the No. 2 QB to avoid a redshirt and play this fall.
Burns threw for 1,903 yards and 23 TD’s as a senior.

“A couple more games go by, Kodi will be looking at redshirting for sure,” Tuberville said Sunday. Whether the strong-armed Burns actually steps onto the field this Saturday or at any point this fall, remains a mystery. But senior defensive end Quentin Groves sees plenty of potential in Burns, if AU chooses to use him. “Everybody knows he has a cannon. The scrimmage we had, when he stopped and threw an 80-yard bomb, that’s kind of hard to do,” said Groves. “You can load up the box if you want to, but if you have eight in the box and three out on an island, he might burn you deep.” Junior wide receiver Robert Dunn is all for giving Burns an opportunity. “If the coaches feel they trust him enough to play him, I feel the same way,” said Dunn. “If the coaches feel like he’s ready, I don’t see what’s wrong with giving him an opportunity. “I feel like everybody deserves a fair opportunity to get their share of playing time. If he’s ready, if he can get in and keep things rolling, then I say: Why not?” But don’t confuse Groves and Dunn’s excitement over Burns with a lack of confidence in starting quarterback Brandon Cox. In fact, it’s just the opposite. “You’ve got to realize, Kodi’s a true freshman,” said Groves. “You can’t take a fifth-year senior and replace him with a true freshman. It’s just not going to work. “Kodi’s never been in a real game. Brandon’s been battle-tested plenty of times. He led us to a victory over Florida, did all that. You can’t make up for experience with athletic ability.” Dunn says he’s firmly behind Cox as AU’s starting quarterback.
“I’m behind him 100 percent,” said Dunn. “He’s the quarterback. He’s the man here. If anybody dislikes him, they dislike me. I feel like he’s the leader of the offense.”
Tuberville made it clear during Tuesday’s weekly press conference that Cox will remain AU’s starter. “I know Brandon Cox has taken a lot of heat,” said Tuberville. “Brandon Cox is our quarterback. He will be our quarterback. He’s a good football player. I think that Brandon’s kind of taken more on his shoulders the last couple of weeks than he should have. He’s just tried to force the issue.”With Cox firmly entrenched as the starter, does Burns have a part to play in this year’s offense or will he have to wait until next year?
“Y’all will just have to wait until Saturday to see,” said Dunn.

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