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Some words from Nate


We lost to USF. Whatever. We lost to Miss. State. Whatever. We know what we had leaving Jordan-Hare after K-state. This is not 04 again people. I don’t know about you guys; but, i don’t really care.


Because of Kodi Burns. aka the future. aka superman.

Watching that man play Saturday made me feel like how Cadillac did when he played. It seems like every play with cox under center I have butter flies in my stomach not wanting to watch. Butter flies no more. Loss or not, for the first time this year, I was truly, truly, excited to watch auburn play football. He made me realize why I love Auburn Football.

Somewhere along the line…somewhere after 04 season and now…I have and possibly we have become obsessed with only auburn winning. Not that there’s anything wrong with that; but, we have been spoiled. Thanks Auburn 04′, 05′ and 06′. But Kodi has made me a fan of the game again. I just cant wait to see the next play and see what he is going to do. The season is still not over yet. We have 9 more games to play!

We’re not going to win every game. We have a very young team. For me at least, (Kodi) seems to be the missing piece to this struggling offense. Burns’ athletic ability is necessary to take the pressure off the young O-line. Burns’ running ability slows down the rush, freezes the ends on reads and zone plays and therefore improves the inside running game (ends can’t crash down the line like they’ve been doing against Cox). The 28-yard TD run by Tate was a good example of this. I DID like Brandon coming back in down the stretch, but I didn’t like leaving him in 1st and goal from the 9 yard line. WTF? That would have been a great spot for Burns to spread the defense out of the gun, or run a few run/pass options off some play action out of the I formation. Instead we went one-dimensional again failed to score.

Still all is not lost folks. Auburn can still make it to Atlanta and you guys know it. Its college football…college football in the SEC! Screw the haters. We will bounce back from this like we always do. We just need to get 6 ya heard? The next four years will be the most exciting time to be an auburn tiger. Keep your heads up! We are auburn tigers and there isn’t anything that could make me not proud to be one. WAR DAMN EAGLE


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