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Stewart: “They might as well had turned on me”

Brandon Cox was hurt. His teammates were angry.

After Auburn’s short Sunday practice, Auburn players expressed their contempt for those who booed Saturday after Cox threw his second interception in Saturday’s 19-14 loss to Mississippi State.

“I think everybody feels the same way,” senior fullback Carl Stewart said. “They might as well have turned on me. It was just horrible to see.”

Stewart said he and his teammates never expected to hear that in their own stadium and were offended when they did.

“I was pretty upset,” Stewart said. “To be in your home stadium and have your fans boo you, that’s just disheartening.”

Cox was lifted in favor of freshman Kodi Burns after the second interception. He offered help and advice to Burns until he returned to lead a desperation final drive that died at the Mississippi State 9 in the final minute.

“It shows the type class he has,” Stewart said. “It takes a lot of composure to stand up and be a man like that in that kind of situation.”

Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville couldn’t help but hear the boos, which reverberated through the stadium. And he said he was disturbed.

“Yeah, I was,” Tuberville said. “I’m hoping they were booing me. I don’t think they’d be booing Brandon. That’s the way we took it. That’s the way it should be. If you are going to boo, boo the coaches. We get paid to do this. The players don’t. They work awfully hard to do what they do. I think most people would agree with that. This is not pro ball. True fans are going to understand, hopefully.”

Cox said Sunday that the boos were disappointing, but he said his teammates were quick to offer support.

“When it was going on, everybody came up to me and said they believed in me and still loved me,” Cox said. “There are true fans at Auburn who love you no matter what. The fans who (boo), I don’t care for.”

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