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At least brandon didnt…

Ohio State Player Arrested For Soliciting

Freshman reserve quarterback Antonio Henton (pictured, right) was arrested Monday at about 8:30 p.m. near Sixth Avenue and High Street during an undercover police operation, 10TV’s Cara Connelly reported.

A Columbus police sergeant who was part of the sting operation said Henton was one of 11 people – six men and five women – who were taken into custody on Monday night, Connelly reported.

“We were working an operation that involved undercover female officers that portrayed the role of prostitutes,” the sergeant said.

According to court records, Henton, 20, allegedly pulled his car alongside an undercover officer and offered her $20 for sex, 10TV News reported.

The sergeant said officers involved in the operation identified Henton immediately after his arrest.

“One of the officers that made the stop on him from the cruiser that follows Ohio State football knew immediately who he was,” the sergeant said. “He seemed very remorseful.”

After spending the night at the Jackson Pike Detention Facility, Henton made his first appearance in Franklin County Municipal Court where he pleaded not guilty to the charges against him.

Henton did not speak during his appearance on Tuesday morning, and kept his head down while Judge Amy Selerno spoke to him.

“I as well as many fans and graduates of Ohio State University are very disappointed to see you today here in my courtroom,” she said.

Henton later posted bond was released at about 3 p.m., 10TV News reported.

Following the hearing, The Ohio State University announced that Henton would not travel to Minnesota for Saturday’s game against the Gophers.

Head coach Jim Tressel said Henton’s arrest was a disappointment.

“It’s a great disappointment for our Buckeye football family, and we are very concerned for Antonio,” Tressel said. “We want to help him utilize any available resources, including counseling, to deal with any problems and seek solutions. Antonio is keenly aware of the standard we have for ourselves, and that makes this even more disappointing.”

Tressel also said that Henton would be suspended indefinitely from athletic privileges.

A native of Fort Valley, Ga., Henton competed for the starting quarterback job throughout spring and fall football camp, and saw game action this past Saturday during the Buckeyes’ 58-7 win over Northwestern.

So far this season, Henton completed six passes for 57 yards, including a touchdown pass in the season opener against Youngstown State.

Henton, whose style at quarterback was compared to that of Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith, also carried the football nine times for 41 yards.

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