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Daily Archive for October 12th, 2007


How many starters will be back?

It’s the question of the week.

Will any of Auburn’s injured starters be healthy enough to play at Arkansas Saturday?

Auburn head coach Tommy Tuberville didn’t seem too confident about their chances following Thursday morning’s final practice of the week.
Blackmon tweaked his injured ankle last week.

“We’re not getting a lot of help from guys coming back,” said Tuberville. “We’ve just got to go and do what we did last week. Guys that are going to be there are going to play hard and play with consistency.”

According to Tuberville, defensive end Quentin Groves (dislocated toes) and safety Aairon Savage (twisted knee) were held out of Thursday’s practice.

There was more encouraging news on linebacker Tray Blackmon (sprained ankle) and center Jason Bosley (sprained knee).

“Bosley took a few snaps, but not many,” he said. “Quentin didn’t practice. He’s not ready to go. Blackmon took a few snaps. He’s probably about 80 percent. Savage didn’t practice.”

Linebacker Merrill Johnson is also still limited by a bruised shoulder.

“(Johnson) took some snaps,” said Tuberville. “In this game, a bruised shoulder, it’s not the perfect game to come back in.”

Tuberville was unsure how many of the injured starters would be on Auburn’s 65-man travel roster.

“We always wait until we get through with the Thursday practice to see who can help, who didn’t help, who we can count on. If they’re not going to play, they won’t go.”

Quick Hitters:

***Tuberville said that freshman WR Quindarius Carr will travel with the team to Fayetteville but will not play unless AU’s WR corps is hit with injuries.

***Freshman punter Ryan Shoemaker leads the SEC with a 45.1 average.

***Auburn has won 14 consecutive games in their white road uniforms.

***Auburn has a 9-6-1 series edge over Arkansas, including a 4-3 record in Fayetteville.

***Kickoff for the Auburn-Arkansas is scheduled for 6:45 p.m. CT at Razorback Stadium, which seats 72,000. The game will be carried live on ESPN.

“(We need to) play hard on the road, get our minds right,” said Tuberville. “It’s been good practices all week. Hopefully it will turn over into playing like we practice.”

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‘Dega baby, ‘Dega

Ignorance is bliss, and bliss my friends is Talladega.

Brooke is happy

Following the big win over Vandy, I took a trip to Talladega to “see the boys go a’ racin’”.  What I found there was not much different than what I had seen in past years: Mullets, skullets, and port-a-thrones filled to the brim with Busch beer induced watery shits. Some may take such features as reasons not to attend an event at the super speedway.  But I find the atmosphere and the clientele to be the key motivation for showing up. 


In addition to the excitement of the race itself, I find it interesting to engage in a silent exegesis while walking around the seemingly impromptu flea markets sprinkled throughout the campgrounds. What is it about this event, this place, and these people that makes certain behaviors not just acceptable, but celebrated?  Sitting in front of one trailer was a table full of t-shirts emblazoned with some of the most racist, and hysterical by virtue of its unabashed display, rhetoric I have ever seen. 

Do ya? If I'da known that I would've picked my own damn cotton


Mind you, they were not in the back room under a stack of newspapers in a locked chest. The man at the counter still supports slavery, it seemed.  We have all seen the ‘heritage, not hate’ bumper stickers.  Those are not what I’m talking about.  But it wasn’t just the blatant racism that gave me a sour stomach, it was the fried oreos.  Oreos can’t possibly benefit from a good grease soaking.  Despite this obvious kernel of truth, the fried oreo line was out the proverbial door.

fried oreos

I suppose a simpler place is home to a simpler people, unable to grasp concepts of improvement and progression. Or maybe they think things are just so good the way they are, change would be an unsavory suggestion.  We know this to be true by the uproar over Toyota joining the NASCAR line-up. Observations aside, I had a blast, as any white person would at Dega.yay

Fantanas are Left with Bad After taste…


Ugghh… you know that feeling you get after a night of heavy drinking and you wake up entirely too early. It all starts out great, you wake up, wide awake, still crunk from the night before. That’s how I felt Monday morning, when my Fantasy Team, the Sanna Fantanas was beating Nasty Nates’ by 15 points. The alchohol still pumping through your vains and your stomach empty you have the bright idea to grab some breakfast at Waffle house.


Thats how I felt when I rode over to Bryan’s to watch Monday Night Football where Nate only had one remaining player left, a tight end who averaged 4.5 points a game. As you finish your meal, it absorbs the rest of the alchohol that you have your system and the crunk feeling is absorbed as well. You start to sulk in your seat, tired and weezy. Thats the same feeling I felt when Dallas’ tight end caught his first touchdown pass.


Then as you exit the waffle house, you realize just how much you drank the night before, flashes of blacked out memories start to come back to you, the things you said and did, the ass that you made of yourself and the pictures people took of you when you were passed out. Stubling out of the waffle house, you begin to vomit your $100 tab from the night before. Same feeling when I saw Nate’s tight end rack up over 100 yds receiving, wiping out any chances the Fantanas had for their first victory. I purseded to vomit all over Bryan’s drive way. I drove home, sad and alone, still winless, just as I’ve done many time after a night of too much drinking. A horrible aftertaste of gin and orange fantanna.