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‘Dega baby, ‘Dega

Ignorance is bliss, and bliss my friends is Talladega.

Brooke is happy

Following the big win over Vandy, I took a trip to Talladega to “see the boys go a’ racin’”.  What I found there was not much different than what I had seen in past years: Mullets, skullets, and port-a-thrones filled to the brim with Busch beer induced watery shits. Some may take such features as reasons not to attend an event at the super speedway.  But I find the atmosphere and the clientele to be the key motivation for showing up. 


In addition to the excitement of the race itself, I find it interesting to engage in a silent exegesis while walking around the seemingly impromptu flea markets sprinkled throughout the campgrounds. What is it about this event, this place, and these people that makes certain behaviors not just acceptable, but celebrated?  Sitting in front of one trailer was a table full of t-shirts emblazoned with some of the most racist, and hysterical by virtue of its unabashed display, rhetoric I have ever seen. 

Do ya? If I'da known that I would've picked my own damn cotton


Mind you, they were not in the back room under a stack of newspapers in a locked chest. The man at the counter still supports slavery, it seemed.  We have all seen the ‘heritage, not hate’ bumper stickers.  Those are not what I’m talking about.  But it wasn’t just the blatant racism that gave me a sour stomach, it was the fried oreos.  Oreos can’t possibly benefit from a good grease soaking.  Despite this obvious kernel of truth, the fried oreo line was out the proverbial door.

fried oreos

I suppose a simpler place is home to a simpler people, unable to grasp concepts of improvement and progression. Or maybe they think things are just so good the way they are, change would be an unsavory suggestion.  We know this to be true by the uproar over Toyota joining the NASCAR line-up. Observations aside, I had a blast, as any white person would at Dega.yay

2 Responses to “‘Dega baby, ‘Dega”

  • hahaha. thats hilarious man. looks like yall had fun…

    did anyone else read the m & m shirt

    “we cum in your mouth, not in your hand”


  • this was great, almost a good as a fried oreo, dunked in budweiser of course! and its good to see dave in a tank top. i believe he was born in one, am i correct?

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