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Fantanas are Left with Bad After taste…


Ugghh… you know that feeling you get after a night of heavy drinking and you wake up entirely too early. It all starts out great, you wake up, wide awake, still crunk from the night before. That’s how I felt Monday morning, when my Fantasy Team, the Sanna Fantanas was beating Nasty Nates’ by 15 points. The alchohol still pumping through your vains and your stomach empty you have the bright idea to grab some breakfast at Waffle house.


Thats how I felt when I rode over to Bryan’s to watch Monday Night Football where Nate only had one remaining player left, a tight end who averaged 4.5 points a game. As you finish your meal, it absorbs the rest of the alchohol that you have your system and the crunk feeling is absorbed as well. You start to sulk in your seat, tired and weezy. Thats the same feeling I felt when Dallas’ tight end caught his first touchdown pass.


Then as you exit the waffle house, you realize just how much you drank the night before, flashes of blacked out memories start to come back to you, the things you said and did, the ass that you made of yourself and the pictures people took of you when you were passed out. Stubling out of the waffle house, you begin to vomit your $100 tab from the night before. Same feeling when I saw Nate’s tight end rack up over 100 yds receiving, wiping out any chances the Fantanas had for their first victory. I purseded to vomit all over Bryan’s drive way. I drove home, sad and alone, still winless, just as I’ve done many time after a night of too much drinking. A horrible aftertaste of gin and orange fantanna.


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