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Ohio State Who?

As I sit and wait for the always beloved (sarcasm) BCS polls to come out the AP / USA Today polls have trickled out and with some spectacular loses, OSU is sitting on the #1 slot. So what exactly has OSU done this year to take the #1 spot.

The Ohio State has

  • 1500+ yards of passing (avg 200+ / game)
  • 1300+ yards of rushing
  • 28 Touchdowns (avg 4 TD’s / game)
  • Averaging over 35 points a game
  • No opponent has scored more than 14 points

BUT! They have put up these impressive numbers against

  • Youngstown State
  • Akron
  • Washington
  • Northwestern
  • Minnesota
  • Purdue
  • Kent State

The only team that they have played in the top 25 was Perdue who has fallen off the rankings now.

What schools do they have left to play?

  • Michigan State
  • Penn State
  • Wisconsin
  • Illinois
  • Michigan (currently @#24)

I’m not going to give my analysis and opinion here. You can make it yourself

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