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It was all planned…

I think auburn played this way against arkansas to save alot of the playbook for this week against LSU. How many times did we run it up the middle? We looked very “vanilla” as tuberville likes to say. I bet we see some crazy ass formations saturday. Look for kodi and even Fannin @ wide reciever, reverses, and one half back pass. There is nothing else left to save in the play book. If we can make good blocks and tackle well, we should do alright. Florida Brandon & recievers need to show up…our running game will be fine. Also Look for a similar game plan from the USF game using numerous half backs and tight ends to help block #72 Glenn DorseyGo ahead and realize now that brandon will be sacked numerous times this game. We have to convert more on 1st and 2nd down. We can keep getting into these third and long situations. Guys are gonna be beat up pretty good –its always a battle with LSU. These are my predictions.  -nate

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It is likely that Auburn will need to bring a better offense into LSU’s Tiger Stadium this week than it showed in Fayetteville. Although the Tigers moved the ball Saturday night, they failed to get into the end zone , settling for five field-goal attempts and turning the ball over inside the 10-yard line.

But Tuberville said that was all game-planning. The coach said he went into the game with “several game plans.” When he realized early that Auburn’s defense could stop the Hogs, Tuberville elected to play conservatively.

“If (Arkansas was) moving it up and down the field, we were going to have to spread it out and throw a little bit more,” he said.

“Once we saw we could play defense against them and they were going to struggle, you shift gears and you do some different things.”

He said, though, a modest offense will go nowhere against LSU’s defense, which is ranked second in the nation.

“We’re going to need to take a better game than we took to Arkansas,” Tuberville said. “We know that. It’s going to have to be an overall team effort because we know what we’re getting into.”

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