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The best description of Auburn Football

I’m always struggling for the right words to describe Auburn after they play. Some days it’s easy to lay on the superlatives and compliments. Other games it’s hard to do it politely but, every time to describe them you try to leave a glimmer of hope at the end of it.

Wylie on Something Awful put it in much better words than I ever could have in reference to the game against Arkansas (post)

Auburn is both the team that lost to MSU and South Florida, and the team that beat Florida. What’s more, you don’t know which they’ll be until approximately 5 minutes after the kickoff of each game. This is the nature of Auburn. There is no “new Auburn” and “old Auburn.” There is “Schroedinger’s Auburn,” which appears once each week when you turn on your TV to look at them, and then they resolve either into worldbeaters or Keystone Kops.

This week, the defense resolved into worldbeaters for 58 minutes, and then failed just in time for the offense to show up for 2 minutes and save their butts. Next week, who knows? There are laws of the universe that tell us it is impossible to know what Auburn team is going to appear at any moment.

I can live with “Schroedinger’s Auburn”. Hopefully the cat is alive when we play LSU,

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