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Daily Archive for October 18th, 2007

Fave “Gets Me Fired Up” Video

So, I know it’s old, but it’s got some great LSwho hits, and it still gets me pumped!!!

War Damn Eagle!!!

YouTube Preview Image

What’s That You Hear Les…. Yeah That’s Right Auburn’s About To Whip Dat Ass!

The year is 2007. The location is Baton Rouge. The teams have both taken their hit’s and given them out accordingly. The world is still in dismay from the shit show that is this years ranking. And the only answer to this debacle is for a powerful defense, one with such power that neither last year’s champs nor this year’s wannabe’s can touch to take the world by it’s big hairy dick and tug. The biggest thing we must grasp is the fact that we have been in this same seat time and time again. A powerful opponent that has the entire world ruling us out. The game sounds like Nate’s senior prom date – Big and Ugly! And the final result will be the same – Messy and will leave a bad taste in someone’s mouth.

It is time for us to step on that field and take what is ours. We need to recreate the power, the finesse. The time to open up and show the world that not only do we belong, we own the SEC……. I want you all to do one thing, take a second and remember what it was like to live and play in the greatest playground the world had….. AUBURN UNIVERSITY – This is the tradition we protect out there this Saturday! This is the reason we FIGHT!

The fact’s for LSU are – They took the White Jerseys. They are going to be pissed. They are going to be at home in the Cajun Swamp. They have a powerful team that is known to destroy any average team and play tough against most above average teams.

The facts for AU are – We are on top of our game. We are not scared of anyone, anywhere, especially if that anywhere is there home. We not only have a knack for pulling it out at other home fields we strive off of it. We have a defense that teams better pay attention to unless they want to see an L on there big colorful poster’s. But we need the Offense and the Special teams to show up. We know they are there we just need them to remind us.

To Wrap It Up – They took the jerseys not the luck…. We have a team that like it or not has them wondering if… if they can win… if they can perform. I think it is Auburn that chooses the victor of this game… It is the US that show’s up….. AND I FEEL GOOD! WAR DAMN EAGLE, MIKEY!!!

P.S. Nate – 21 – Auburn 17-LSU – The LSU team cry’s because it happened twice in a row like…… Flordia!

BCS Bowl Game Prediction: It’s not pretty

I’m going to call it now. This year will be the end of the BCS. Not because of all of the past problems and bitching of years gone bye but, because of what will be the BCS Championship game this year.

I think Ohio State is going to succumb to the ‘unranked defeating ranked’ syndrome by years end. Be it at the hands of Michigan, Michigan State, or a random fluke. USF has 2 tough match ups left this year and they both look winnable considering their calibre of play so far. BC has one roadblock of VT in their path and the rest is coasting trying to avoid the syndrome previously mentioned.

On January 8th college football fans around the world are going to sit down and crack a beer and watch USF vs. BC and attempt to figure out what in the world is going on here. I don’t mean to attack the respective programs of USF and BC, they both have produced an amazing teams this year and had some great wins but, it’ll simply be apparent that the entire system is broken and irreparable. In the current system the best teams in the country aren’t and don’t want to play each other for fear of getting a mark in the loss column which knocks them out of the BCS chances (for the most part). It’s beneficial for a team to structure a schedule with mediocre teams in non-conference play to beef up the W column.

I’m tired of it all and would just like it all to stop. I don’t have the answer but, there is a way of doing it. I’m sure.

LSU Predictions? Score? Leave a comment!

I’m going against history and what all the articles are saying. You know, the same ole’ defensive battle low scoring outcome. “The two teams have combined to score an average of 22 points in the last three meetings”. That old stat. Well, I think Tuberville would prefer to not get into that scenario this Saturday. I think we played the way we did last saturday to really open it up this week against LSU.

I’m going to say…AUBURN 23 LSU17

1 Cox TD pass, 1 Lester TD run, 3 Byrum field goals (making up for the 5 missed by Vaughn last time we were in baton rouge).

War Damn Eagle!

Closest prediction wins 1 shot bought by yours truely

Ungracious Hosts

Original Article link

Craig Stevens has heard the stories.

Josh Thompson has told him a few of them.

The senior’s message: Get ready, freshman. You’re about to go to Death Valley.

Stevens, Auburn’s redshirt freshman starting linebacker, will be making his first trip to Baton Rouge, La. Saturday when the No. 18 Tigers face-off against No. 5 LSU.

Associated Press
LSU fans are known for being some of the rowdiest.

It won’t be his first trip away from Jordan-Hare Stadium. Stevens has already been to Gainesville, Fla. and Fayetteville, Ark. He’s seen The Swamp. He’s heard the pig snorts.

But Tiger Stadium, on a Saturday night in October, is a little different.

“I heard a story about an 80-year-old woman mooning them a couple of years ago,” said Stevens. “They’ve been telling me about how they’re going to be shaking the bus when we get there, too.”

Thompson would know. He was there in 2005 when the Tigers lost 20-17 in overtime. He saw the wrinkled behind. He felt the bus shake.

“People are mooning you, people are throwing water at you, throwing bottles at you, beating on the buses,” he said.

And that’s just when the players arrive at the stadium.

“And then you get in the stadium, and they’re trying to spit at you and yell at you,” he said. “This is the most crazy environment I’ve ever been to.”

He doesn’t expect it to be any different Saturday night. After being ranked No. 1 in the country last week, LSU went to Kentucky, gave up 43 points, and lost by six in triple overtime. The Bayou Bengals will be back at home this weekend, where they’ve won 24 times in a row at night.

Associated Press
Tiger Stadium seats 92,400.

Thompson expects the crowd to be in rare form once again. But he’s not dreading the raucous atmosphere. He’ actually looking forward to it.

“I love that, personally” he said. “It gets me hyped up. It’s a great situation, a great environment. It’s just a great place to go play.”

Auburn has been one of the most successful road teams in the country over the last few years. The Tigers have won 14 of their last 15, and are 19-5 since 2003 in games played outside Jordan-Hare. Auburn has also won eight straight SEC road games including a win at No. 4 Florida earlier this season.

Against the Gators, Auburn was an 18-point underdog. The Tigers aren’t getting much more against LSU. Las Vegas had the Bayou Bengals favored by as many as 14 points earlier in the week. It’s now down to around 12.

“It’s great. I love it. Being the underdog is the best thing you can be,” said Thompson. “People don’t have many expectations for you and you go in there and show people how you can play.”

The Tigers have relished in the role of the underdog, particularly against No. 5-ranked teams. Auburn, when ranked, is 4-1-1 against No. 5 teams. It’s last win over a No. 5 came in 2004, coincidentally against LSU.

AP: Dave Martin
This won’t be Thompson’s first rodeo against LSU.

“Everybody’s going to be looking at LSU, but hopefully after this one they’ll be looking at us,” said Thompson. “Usually the winner of this game goes to the SEC championship, so this is win or lose all for us, because our goal is to go the SEC championship.

“We want to win this game, and hopefully that’s what will happen.”

It would certainly make for a good story.

Injury Report

The news on the injury front continues to get better for Auburn, according to coach Tommy Tuberville.

The Tigers welcomed back safety Aairon Savage to practice earlier this week, and the starter appears ready for action this weekend. He and a few more.

“Savage is looking pretty good. He’s back,” said Tuberville. “He’s not going to be 100-percent, but he’s pretty close.”

Also returning to more action are LB Merrill Johnson and DE Quentin Groves.

“Merrill Johnson is a lot better this week, and Quentin practiced (Wednesday),” said Tuberville. “(Groves) is not 100-percent, but he looked a lot better today than he looked last week.

“It looks like we have a lot more depth starting to come back.”

Starting LT Ryan Pugh (shin) appears the only player Tuberville is doubtful about. Center Jason Bosley, although still a little hobbled by a knee injury, is expected to play again this week.

AP: Rob Carr
Groves is still one sack shy of the Auburn record.

“Bosley is sore, but doing good. (Pugh) was out here walking around, but didn’t practice. He is doubtful,” said Tuberville. “He hasn’t practiced the last two days. He’ll make the trip. He’s doing pretty good on it, but when you miss the first two days it’s hard to learn the game plan.”

With Pugh out, former starter King Dunlap will likely get the nod.

“King has done fine, competing, doing good, working hard,” said the coach. “He had a little time off so he has fresh legs. It’s good to see him back out there. He’s jumping around, excited about being the starter again.”


***Auburn practiced for two hours Wednesday evening behind the Athletic Complex. The Tigers continued to do more 11-on-11 work. “We’re just looking for consistency there (on offense),” Tuberville said. “We’re trying to do more against our defense to try and give them a better look in terms of game situations. Hopefully it will help.”***Tuberville said the players haven’t lacked any emotion this week in practice. “Guys practiced hard. There was a lot of energy, a lot of enthusiasm,” he said. “They are looking forward to it. They know it’s going to be a major challenge, but they always get up for games like this. “This is not a coaches’ game. This is a players’ game. They understand that.”***Ryan Shoemaker was pulled last week against Arkansas and replaced with Patrick Tatum. Neither of the two had a particularly impressive night against the Razorbacks. Shoemaker had three punts for a 37.7-yard average. Tatum averaged 39.5 yards on two punts. Both kickers received generous bounces on the punts. A starter for the LSU game won’t be named until just before kickoff.”They’re competing. Both of them are looking a lot better,” said Tuberville. “Hopefully they’ll get their minds back right. Either that, or keep getting the bounces.” Auburn will return to the practice fields Thursday morning. The Tigers travel to Baton Rouge Saturday. Kickoff is slated for 8 p.m. CT, and the game will be carried by ESPN.