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BCS Bowl Game Prediction: It’s not pretty

I’m going to call it now. This year will be the end of the BCS. Not because of all of the past problems and bitching of years gone bye but, because of what will be the BCS Championship game this year.

I think Ohio State is going to succumb to the ‘unranked defeating ranked’ syndrome by years end. Be it at the hands of Michigan, Michigan State, or a random fluke. USF has 2 tough match ups left this year and they both look winnable considering their calibre of play so far. BC has one roadblock of VT in their path and the rest is coasting trying to avoid the syndrome previously mentioned.

On January 8th college football fans around the world are going to sit down and crack a beer and watch USF vs. BC and attempt to figure out what in the world is going on here. I don’t mean to attack the respective programs of USF and BC, they both have produced an amazing teams this year and had some great wins but, it’ll simply be apparent that the entire system is broken and irreparable. In the current system the best teams in the country aren’t and don’t want to play each other for fear of getting a mark in the loss column which knocks them out of the BCS chances (for the most part). It’s beneficial for a team to structure a schedule with mediocre teams in non-conference play to beef up the W column.

I’m tired of it all and would just like it all to stop. I don’t have the answer but, there is a way of doing it. I’m sure.

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