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What’s That You Hear Les…. Yeah That’s Right Auburn’s About To Whip Dat Ass!

The year is 2007. The location is Baton Rouge. The teams have both taken their hit’s and given them out accordingly. The world is still in dismay from the shit show that is this years ranking. And the only answer to this debacle is for a powerful defense, one with such power that neither last year’s champs nor this year’s wannabe’s can touch to take the world by it’s big hairy dick and tug. The biggest thing we must grasp is the fact that we have been in this same seat time and time again. A powerful opponent that has the entire world ruling us out. The game sounds like Nate’s senior prom date – Big and Ugly! And the final result will be the same – Messy and will leave a bad taste in someone’s mouth.

It is time for us to step on that field and take what is ours. We need to recreate the power, the finesse. The time to open up and show the world that not only do we belong, we own the SEC……. I want you all to do one thing, take a second and remember what it was like to live and play in the greatest playground the world had….. AUBURN UNIVERSITY – This is the tradition we protect out there this Saturday! This is the reason we FIGHT!

The fact’s for LSU are – They took the White Jerseys. They are going to be pissed. They are going to be at home in the Cajun Swamp. They have a powerful team that is known to destroy any average team and play tough against most above average teams.

The facts for AU are – We are on top of our game. We are not scared of anyone, anywhere, especially if that anywhere is there home. We not only have a knack for pulling it out at other home fields we strive off of it. We have a defense that teams better pay attention to unless they want to see an L on there big colorful poster’s. But we need the Offense and the Special teams to show up. We know they are there we just need them to remind us.

To Wrap It Up – They took the jerseys not the luck…. We have a team that like it or not has them wondering if… if they can win… if they can perform. I think it is Auburn that chooses the victor of this game… It is the US that show’s up….. AND I FEEL GOOD! WAR DAMN EAGLE, MIKEY!!!

P.S. Nate – 21 – Auburn 17-LSU – The LSU team cry’s because it happened twice in a row like…… Flordia!

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