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LSU Post-Game: The Kick, The Spot, The Pass

There’s a lot of stuff in yesterday’s game that I can write about and some things I already have but, I want to focus on LSU’s last drive of the game. There were so many major issues with the drive that leave me infuriated as an arm chair coach.

The Kick: Auburn has been squib kicking on kickoffs all night long. Why? Well Holliday is easily the fastest man on the field and arguably both the fastest man in College Football and possibly in College Track as well. No doubt, the guy is fast and can be dangerous to kick to but, he’s no Devin Hestor. He’s a freshman and you can always kick it ot the opposite side of the field. Now obviously this kick was a lot worse than previous kickoffs in the game but, I’m in the camp that you kick it away there. In a situation when your opponent needs 1 point to win and 3+ minutes on the clock you want to force them to earn every single yard needed. If Holliday gets the ball and runs it all the way back, well they earned that. If he brings the ball back up the 40? He earned that. If we squib it to the 40, we gave that to them and it’s unacceptable.

The Spot: 3rd down with 2 minutes left. If didn’t catch it, it was a horrible spot. One of many in the game but, this one stung most. Again, if they earned the yards I wouldn’t be so angry but, it was just given to them. The SEC officials both on the ground and in the booth for the game should be ashamed at a few of the calls in this game but, this one in particular hurt the most in a critical situation.

The Pass: This is going to be a play that will talked about for at least a year maybe even longer. I honestly have no idea why they went for 6 when only 3 were needed but, we can certainly speculate for the time being.

  • Les Miles has giant planetary size balls. Did he really just risk his National Championship hopes, SEC Conference title hopes, and possibly his job on a single unneeded pass? If thats really the case he either has the largest balls in the state of LA or the smallest brain
  • He didn’t know how low the clock really was. Did he think he had more time than was actually left on the game clock? I’d like to hope he did. I would guess that a top NCAAF coach wouldn’t toss a game up like that without knowing what he was doing.
  • It was a statement. It seems like so many SEC games are decided by who ever has the ball last and can kick a field goal (twice, if you call timeout). Was this his way of telling Tommy “This is my damn river boat and I’m the big gambler here” or just to make sure everyone else know that if they were going to win they were going to win?

The Kick, The Spot, The Pass. It was a critical path for LSU. If any one of those things didn’t happen I’d be writing a “haha” type post instead of a long explanatory one. The rivalry will continue and this game will be added to the great list of stories that is the LSU / Auburn Game.

Tommy after LSU Game

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  • Bad coaching in the end, but at least we are still ahead of bama in all the polls and if they can beat lsu and we win out we could still be in Atl

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