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I am writting this with 2 min left in the bama lsu game. But, someone explain to me what needs to happen for us to goto Atlanta. Bama wins/loses? Lsu wins/loses… if we beat UGA and BAMA…Lsu has to lose again? Bama has to lose again too? Whats the deal people. Someone write this out for me.

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  • here is what I think could happen. To make a really good bowl, we would need to win out and have lswho win out as well. This would be our best chance to make a big bowl game and finish the season with an outstanding recruiting tool. A shake up in the top 5 wouldnt hurt as long as it isnt in the sec. Really, who the hell knows what is going to happen, with the way the fighting mangino’s blew out the rotten cornhuskers, does anyone have the right mind to make an honest prediction this year!?!

  • If everyone gets to the end of the season with the same number of SEC losses that we have now (all =2)

    The team with the highest BCS rank will goto the SEC Championship.

    (Adam, from the England)

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