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Daily Archive for November 8th, 2007

Tradition: Words of Wisdom

Carrying on tradition, Im asking to leave their words of wisdom in the comments section of this post…

Nate: Embarrassment. Its the only way to put it. 37-15. Our own house. Jordan-Hare stadium. 37-fucking-15. Are you kidding me? How many interceptions? I don’t know about you guys but its hard to forget that dark and rainy day in November 06. Its time for some revenge. We know what’s ahead of us. Its Athens. Its a drunk home team cursing and throwing shit at us. Jim beam will be drank. They’ll be words exchanged. Hateful words. From children to grandparents, fingers will be pointed at the auburn faithful. But you know what? I don’ give two shits about that. We were born to represent. Like a spartan army invading Greece, Athens will burn. First string mount up. Sanna. Pate. Jones. Plaugh. Coggin. Gilman. Huddleston. Bates. Palermo. Stewart. Cowart. Holder. Cathcart. Maloy. Cranton. Hover. McCommon. Boykin. Pearce. Nelson. Harvel. Baughcum. Avent. Gattis.



Last time we went to athens…

It’s Dave Chappelle! (New Set)

Dave surfaced in London to do a show, not a big one just a quick stop in.