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A Letter From A Contact Of Mines Daughter… That I Agree With Completely!!!

To: ”” <>
Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2007 20:57:55 -0500
Subject: Behavior of UGA Fans at the Auburn Game
President Adams,

I am a senior at Auburn University and I recently visited your great school in Athens for the Auburn game this past weekend. I have always had a lot of respect for UGA and their students but some of that respect was lost this past weekend at the game. I congratulate UGA for their great win. The Bulldogs played a great game. I am a UGA fan unless it is against Auburn. What I am writing you about was the way I was treated by some of the students of UGA. When I visited two years ago, I was welcomed with hospitality and respect. I enjoyed my visit to that game and I could not wait to return. This year I was treated with extreme disrespect. I sat in the upper deck student section with a good friend of mine who attends UGA and I wore an Auburn sweatshirt to support my team. By the end of the game, not only were rude chants yelled in my face, I had mini alcohol bottles, ice and food thrown at me hitting me in the head and back for the entire four quarter. I also saw many drinks being thrown from the top of the stadium, hurling at both UGA and Auburn Fans.  First off, I am sure the sneaking of alcohol into games is illegal. Second, never was I rude or obnoxious toward any of your students yet I was treated with such disrespect. I understand that there is always playful tension between football fans but the behavior this weekend was out of line. Many of my other Auburn friends that attended had similar situations with such disrespect. We were all completely astonished. I just thought some of the students would have a little more class and respect for other Auburn fans than what I saw.  If anyone from UGA has ever undergone that kind of treatment from an Auburn fan, I apologize from the bottom of my heart. We take pride in being well behaved fans and understand that it is not becoming of a member of the Auburn Family to treat anyone that way. After this weekend, I am extremely let down by UGA. At this point, I am extremely discouraged from ever attending another game. I hope something can be said to your students about their behavior.

I thank you for time and reading my concerns.

War Eagle,

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