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And By The By ….. What The Fuck? Really…

DJ is suspended but plays…… ALABAMA (HILARIOUS) GET’s DAT ASS WHOOPED! 5 Suspended players cleared for The Iron Bowl! Is it just me that thinks this is A. Horse Shit and B. A sad attempt by an over hyped middle rate coach to not get Embarrassed.. 

The SEC’s leading receiver, DJ Hall, was suspended for a violation of team rules but played in the second half with Alabama desperately needing a spark. Dangerous punt returner Javier Arenas left with a high ankle sprain.

Saban wouldn’t say if Hall’s suspension had initially been for a half or the game.

“It was what it was,” he said.

The Tide did learn Saturday morning that five suspended players will be available to play in the Iron Bowl.

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  • This is so typical of an alabama program. Saban is a piece of shit. Shows me that they will break the rules and do anything just to get a win. But they can suck on these nuts cause we about to get six. Go ahead and clear all your players Saban, nothing short of bringing bear bryant back from the dead will stop auburn’s monster cock from raping your pussy team this saturday.

    War Eagle.

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