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Need Gift Ideas? Nate’s Top 9 Christmas Gift List

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#9 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones 


The Logitech FreePulse Wireless Headphones are remarkably light, flexible, and resilient. The sound quality is decent overall with an emphasis on bass. The Bluetooth transmitter can be used with any audio source that has a minijack headphone output. 


#8 Super Mario Galaxy Wii


I own it. Best game ever made for the nintendo wii. Go buy it right now. 50 bucks at best buy.

#7  AU Football Photos


There isnt a room in your house that doesnt deserve the finest Auburn framed pictures.

#6 Guitar Hero Wii


90 dollar bundle comes with the game + 1 guitar.

#5 Tom Tom One XL


$400 @ BestBuy. I own one. Best investment ever. Got me to athens…auburn…atlanta…about 50 feet to the front door. You can download different voices like Mr T to guide you around too.



Now @ Sprint. $200. Im gonna get this one instead of the IPHONE. Even though I really want the IPHONE…i would lose alot of money if i switched from sprint to ATT.



Iphone = Badass. Now only $400.

#2 Sony Cybershot DSC-T200



8.1-megapixel captures high-resolution images up to 3264 x 2448 pixels. 5x optical/2x digital/10x total zoom; up to 25x with Smart Zoom. Face-detection technology identifies faces within a frame and adjusts the focus and settings for improved images. touch-screen interface much improved over previous cameras.

#1 Apple MacBook (Core 2 Duo 2.16GHz, 1GB RAM, 160GB HDD, SuperDrive, black)



Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo (2.16 GHz); RAM installed: 1 GB DDR II SDRAM; Weight: 5.1 lbs. Upgraded CPU for the same price; same great design; built-in Webcam and remote control;

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