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This Is Getting Old Fast……

The Latest Scoop

***Sources out of Arkansas tell us that Razorback boosters have raised the $6 million to buyout Tommy Tuberville’s contract and will offer a contract valued around $31.5 million over 10 years. They are waiting for an answer from Tuberville and have not received any guarantee that he will accept.

***Sources out of Baton Rouge also tell us that LSU boosters are in talks with Tuberville’s agent, Jimmy Sexton, and are also interested. If Tuberville cannot reach an agreement with Auburn or Arkansas, the LSU job is a definite possibility. Tuberville could also try and delay talks with AU and UA to give LSU more time to come up with an offer.

***Tuberville is expected to return to Auburn this afternoon and speak with AU officials about their contract proposal. Sources indicate that this afternoon’s talks will be pivotal in whether Tuberville remains as AU’s head coach.

***Sources indicate AU is prepared to offer a contract to Tuberville that will give him most of what he’s asked for including:

1. An extension that will up his contract to six years and include a 200K increase each year. The contract would make him a $4 million dollar coach by year six.
2. Refurbish the weight room and training table.
3. Offer three options to Tuberville on building an indoor practice facility.

***This source said the only thing AU is not willing to negotiate is Tuberville’s $6 million buyout. Tuberville wants it eliminated but AU is standing firm.

***Tuberville mentioned facilities in a taped statement that aired on Tiger Talk last night:

“I want everybody, not just our administration but also our fans, to understand we are at a point and if we are going to get to another point we can’t keep on as is. You have got to make changes, facilities. You have got to have a plan. A plan has to be intact,” said Tuberville.

***It should be pointed out that Auburn has facility plans intact that already included nearly $5 million to renovate the locker rooms, assistant coach offices and add additional office space to the athletic department in the coming months. AU just completed over $30 million in renovations of Jordan-Hare Stadium the last three years and is investing $92.5 million into a new basketball arena.

***Stay tuned to as we role out all the scoop as it come in. If need be we’ll have several more War Room Special Editions throughout the day.

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