Cox once again looking kinda like a Cox…..

  • Dear Brandon Cox: You should not let your girlfriend keep a profile on Alabama’s Facebook site

    Seriously, B. You’re the starting quarterback for a team competing for a national championship. There are pictures out there with you drinking with your 20-year-old girlfriend. I know she transferred from Bama to Auburn, but you’ve got to know some Bama student is going to see all this and try to embarrass the shit out of you. Yes, she’s hot and yes, she’s an ADPi sister, but c’mon. Also — Emily, you’re not doing your guy any favors. Just sayin’.

    There is something to be said for her, though, as one Alabama girl said about the situation, “If you’re dating Brandon Cox, you’ve got to lock that down.”

    But dressing up like a redneck isn’t going to do anything to get rid of those Auburn stereotypes.
    Auburn quarterback Brandon Cox and turncoat girlfriend Emily Massey at Cox’s 22nd birthday/Halloween party. I hope she’s hot enough to keep him from violating those cows.
    As Massey wrote on her profile: Brandon said that if he hit the bulls eye then he loved me…and he did it on the first try!! I hope he didn’t say anything about his passing rating against Florida in a couple weeks.
    Like I said, she’s hot, but contributing to the delinquency of a minor?
    Massey’s description of the cuddle: Taking a nap at the worst hotel ever!! Too bad it was the team hotel for the Tigers’/War Eagles’/Plainsmen’s bowl game against Wisconsin. I guess that’s why he passed for under 50 percent and threw a pick on the opening drive.

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