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Bowl Picks

Expert picks: 



Bowls Im interested in: 

Hawaii VS GA game is gonna be a good one. Look for GA to ruin a cinderella season and shut that Hawaii coach up i mean really, the WAC? Hey Hawaii, you would be 4-4 in the SEC. I can care less about your 4,000 offensive yards this year. Meaningless. Hawaii 21 GA 46

Michigan Vs FL game will be funny to watch. I mean, if the AA QB Armanti Edwards running APP State’s spread can put up 227 yards and three TDs on the Big Ten Team then…Teblow and company should be able to get that in the first quarter. Mich 10 Florida 28.

Missouri VS ARK game will be interesting just to see if Missouri is the real deal. #6 in the nation? Really? We will see. McFadden should be pretty pissed about getting his heisman hopes snubbed for the 2nd yr in a row. Look for him to show the voters how bad they F’d up. I think ARK will lose this one though. Mizz 21 ARK 7

Are there really any non-sec bowls I should be interested in? I mean really.

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