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Hopefully it wont be a trainwreck. War eagle guys.

Expect AU’s offense to have misfires

Meet the West Coast Spread Offense with as many as five play-callers and four quarterbacks.

Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville made a bold move by hiring spread guru Tony Franklin as offensive coordinator. And although it may produce good results in the years to come, Auburn’s offense Monday night in the Chick-fil-A Bowl could resemble a train wreck, with Al Borges’ old West Coast system intertwined with Franklin’s spread scheme.

The multiple quarterback situation combined with cramming in an offense in 10 days, not having a set play-caller and mixing in two entirely different schemes sounds like a recipe for disaster.

The play-calling

As of Sunday morning, Tuberville and staff had not formulated a play-calling plan for the game against No. 15 Clemson. And the comments he offered at the time surely sounded shaky.

“(Tony) is going to call some of the plays,” Tuberville said. “We’ll get together tonight as a staff and decide who he wants to defer to when we’re running some of the other offense.”

So, Franklin is going to call plays for his new spread offense and someone else — an offensive assistant(s) presumably — will call plays for the old offense?

Don’t be surprised if Auburn has a few delay-of-game penalties or uses all of its timeouts by the middle of the first quarter. Whether it’s in the press box, on the sideline or on the field, there will likely be tons of confusion.

Badgered about the play-calling deal for almost three weeks, Tuberville and Franklin have mentioned a host of names who could call plays, including offensive line coach Hugh Nall, running backs coach Eddie Gran, receivers coach Greg Knox and tight ends coach Steve Ensminger.

Yep, that’s the entire offensive staff, and Franklin’s name also can be included since true freshman quarterback Kodi Burns said this week that Franklin was doing all the play-calling in practice.

Of course, Brandon Cox, a few minutes later, said it was a combination of several assistants and Franklin.

“It’ll be a group deal,” Tuberville said Sunday. “It’s hard to do it. We’ll find out what input we want out of each coach. I don’t want a lot of guys talking on the phone. You don’t have much time to get the play called.”

The quarterbacks

Tuberville acknowledged Sunday how difficult it would be on his senior quarterback.

Cox has run the West Coast offense for the past three years as a starter for the Tigers.

“This is going to be a tough one for him. We’ll be running a little bit new offense at times, handling the crowd noise and handling the emotions,” Tuberville said.

Cox mentioned earlier this week that Burns and other backups Blake Field and Neil Caudle could all rotate in. Tuberville said Auburn would play two quarterbacks — again, presumably Cox and Burns — but he then listed the other two.

The systems

Although Franklin and some of the players insist the spread offense is much easier to comprehend than Borges’ West Coast system, the mixing of the two systems seems odd.

Tuberville said Saturday he will choose how much of the spread to run throughout the game.

“We don’t want to panic and do a lot. We don’t know what we’re doing,” he said.

The West Coast offense is built around a strong running game that leads to short passes. The spread sets up the run with short, medium and long throws.

See now why this should be an interesting, heart-racing night of football?

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