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Nates Preview: AU VS CU

Bias reporting? Fuck yeah. 

Atlanta, GA 

If Auburn can stay focused and not get overly excited causing numerous pentalty’s on offence I think we will be alright. There will be mass confusion with the new offence. Numerous coaches calling plays, up to 4 QBs getting a look, its gonna be nuts. However, I think we will be able to move the ball on the ground AND through the air expecially with 2 of clemsons starting linebackers not playing. I cant wait to see the spread. Ive heard rumors of Brad Lester linning up as a wide reciever in a five wide set. Its gonna be awesome. But I am a little nervous if things dont click right away because you guys know Brandon will start to feel pressure and being throwing off his back foot. Just stay focused offence.

Special teams is always a huge factor for us in all of our games. Its gonna gonna be up to how we do in the red zone. Im calling at least 1 wes byrum FG. Hopefully the new spread will keep him on the bench tonight. It will be interesting too to see Tristan Davis back returning kicks/punts. Maybe we can get some good field positioning or even a kick off return!

 I believe that the key to win will be the AU defence stopping Harper. He was recruited by AU, the man can throw. But the thing is, Quinten wants his sack lunch to break the record. mmyum yummm yummm. I say he gets it plus 2 more. Why? B/C Grooves is facing off against a redshirt freshman (hairston) who is making his FIRST, thats right FIRST career start tonight. I say coleman gets a sack as well if Q gets tired. The AU D is hungry.  But can our DB’s stop the long ball? Im predicting Clemson to come out and try to hit us hard and deep through the air first, then rely on their running game to hold us off. They know what we did to jones and mcfadden so I really dont think they are gonna come out running. If we can get to Harper and get him off his game like BC did to them 2 games ago…we should be alright. If he is able to stand in the pocket and throw, the AU secondary is going to struggle. I dont see that happening though. Muschamp is going to bring the pain…and so is Auburn…War eagle!

 Auburn 17

Clemson 14

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