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Daily Archive for January 2nd, 2008

01/02/2008 – Today @ Channel 2

My reporter Meryl and I visited a Gibbon sanctuary in Summerville, SC. This sanctuary is being honored by the queen of england for their efforts in saving Gibbons and protecting animal rights. This will air today in the 5pm news. Gibbons are a type of Primeate/Ape. These little guys were bad asses. Quality blooper footage though when one of them tried to grab Meryl and pull her through the cage. F’ing hilarious. Days like these make me want to stay in TV. Ill post a link to the story i shot after I finish editing…

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Muschamp says it best…

“The core of our team is back, and we’ve got a good class coming in,” Muschamp said. “Anyone out there that wants to be a winner needs to become an Auburn Tiger.”

OLD VS NEW Offence

Source: montgomeryadvertiser 

AUBURN — Tony Franklin had to tell himself to stay calm.

Auburn’s offensive coordinator pulled off a scheme that seemed all but impossible three weeks ago, installing an entirely new offense for the team’s Chick-fil-A Bowl game against Clemson. As the Tigers rolled up yards at a season-best pace, though, Franklin winced at every mistake.

He insists there were plenty in Auburn’s 23-20 overtime win.

Franklin, hired away from Troy University three weeks ago, seemed almost apologetic afterward.

“There were a lot of things that happened (Monday night) that will never happen again,” he said. “The good thing is that we won in spite of it. Great players can overcome a lot of things and I think that’s what we have here.”

Franklin was given only 10 practices to make the most of an offense that catapulted Troy onto the national scene earlier this season. The results were surprising.

Auburn averaged 67 plays per game during the regular season, yet ran 90 on Monday.

Auburn averaged 328 yards per game during the regular season, yet finished with 423 this time.

Franklin stayed true to the Tigers’ running-game roots, though, calling for 47 runs and 43 passes. Ten receivers made at least one catch apiece including five wideouts, three tailbacks and two tight ends.

The most surprising element of Franklin’s debut was his willingness to use two quarterbacks. It was a division of labor that saw fifth-year senior Brandon Cox attempt 39 passes and one quarterback draw.

Freshman Kodi Burns was dispatched to handle the opposite role, leading the team with 69 rushing yards and attempting only four passes.

His lone completion went for a 22-yard touchdown to Mario Fannin.

Most teams prefer to play one quarterback exclusively. Cox and Burns shared time early in the season, though former offensive coordinator Al Borges benched Burns after Auburn’s Oct. 13 game at Arkansas.

“We have two really good football players and there’s no reason we can’t do it,” Franklin said. “People make it complicated, but it’s not.”

Burns found himself at the epicenter of a massive celebration after his winning 7-yard run in overtime. The true freshman now appears to be in prime position for a starting job next season after making several shrewd, game-changing plays against Clemson.

He’s not assuming anything.

“I know I have to come out in the spring and compete,” Burns said. “They’re not going to give me the job just because we won the Chick-fil-A Bowl and I scored a touchdown. I have to re-prove myself.”

Franklin said before the game that the limited practice time meant only a small portion of his offense would be available for the bowl game. Instead, the Tigers worked almost exclusively from Franklin’s playbook.

Only one play involved a quarterback taking the snap from under center, a staple of Borges’ offense.

The lone holdover was a fourth-down sneak.

Plays were communicated via backup quarterback Neil Caudle and three assistants, who each signaled assignments to either the quarterback, running backs, receivers or linemen.

Tuberville said there was plenty of miscommunication. He estimated that at least 10 running plays included an improperly aligned tailback.

Cox believes those issues will be resolved long before the Tigers open their 2008 season against Louisiana-Monroe on Aug. 30.

“You can’t expect us to come out and be flawless right off the start,” he said. “We hadn’t really scrimmaged or run this offense in a game-like situation with game-like speed. It took us a while to adjust to the speed of the game.”

Auburn’s Top 10 plays of 2007

I present to you…the 2007 Chic-fil-a Bowl Champs

The N8 do-O-double g remix to this video will be out shortly.

(And someone tell brooke to mail me my battery charger so I can make the iron bowl weekend video. Brooke’s email:

A-U-B. S-E-C. A-U-B. S-E-C.