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Daily Archive for January 6th, 2008

Cause September is only nine months away

Just to get the ball rolling…


Destination: MORGANTOWN, WV in or around sept/oct/nov 08′.


I estimated the game dates and assumed the trip will span four or five nights in the largest eat your heart out road rules RV… (AKA the Slideout AS32 ). This RV Sleeps six, maybe seven. It spans 34′-35′ feet.  It has a microwave for hot pockets. A sink for shotguning. A stove for the women. A shower for palermo. A toliet for peeing only (and mikey will not be allowed to take any dump within 50 feet of the RV). bunk beds for jimmy and adam to cuddle. master bed. gallery. tv w/ porn. And a fridge that will hold only alcohol. Pick up and drop off would reside in Conyers,GA. A trip spanning from ATL to CHAS to RICHMOND VA to MORGANTOWN WEST VA. 1200 miles roundtrip. 7-8 passengers. This all pans out to about 70 a piece for the RV(rough estimate prolly less) + gas + alcohol + stripper money + the krunkest auburn alums this side of the mississippi = pure excellence. War eagle. Who’s in? Leave your comments / predictions on who gets pee’d on first by jimmy mikey or myself.







All in favor?

I say we rent this for the WV game next season…