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Daily Archive for January 8th, 2008

Likely Playoff Scenario…

src=”” />So what if it takes four upsets?

Who would you like to see?


It appears to be a wide open field as Auburn head coach Tommy Tuberville continues his search for a new defensive coordinator. Will Tuberville take a college up-and-comer or reach into the NFL for an experienced coordinator and secondary coach?

Because the field is so crowded and a surprise candidate could emerge at anytime, is not ready to name a leader, but check below for a look at six potential candidates for Auburn’s defensive coordinator position:

Defensive Coordinator Candidates
(In alphabetical order)

Jon Hoke

Current job: Hoke has served as secondary coach for the Houston Texans the last six seasons.
The skinny: The Texans finished 24th in total defense and 25th in passing defense in 2007. Hoke was the defensive coordinator and secondary coach at Florida from 1999-2001 under Steve Spurrier. In 2001, Hoke’s defense led the SEC and was 9th nationally in total defense. In 2000, the Gators led the country with 40 turnovers while they tallied a league-high 43 sacks in 1999.
Why Hoke: Hoke has been a prominent candidate in past Auburn DC searches and may want to return to the SEC where he had a lot of success at Florida. Hoke coached for 19 years on the college level before moving to the NFL in 2002.
Why not: The NFL is the premiere league for coaches and the Texans appear to be a team on the rise with a strong nucleus of young and talented defensive players.
Odds: 15%

Vic Koenning

Current job: Koenning has served as defensive coordinator at Clemson the last three seasons.
The skinny: Clemson ranks No. 9 in the nation in total defense this season, improving from No. 13 in 2006 and No. 20 in 2005. Before joining the Tigers, Koenning was the defensive coordinator at Troy from 2003-04. His 2004 Trojan defense ranked in the Top 10 nationally in several categories and led the nation with 25 interceptions. His 2003 defense also led the nation with 25 picks. He was also the head coach at Wyoming from 2000-02 and defensive coordinator at Wyoming from 1997-99.
Why Koenning: Koenning is an energetic coach with ties to the Southeast and the state of Alabama. He’s also a proven college coordinator and recruits south Alabama and the Florida panhandle for Clemson. Auburn could offer Koenning a significant raise over the approximately $220,000 he makes at Clemson.
Why not: Koenning is happy with his position at Clemson and may be hesitant to make a lateral move.
Odds: 25%

Chuck Pagano

Current job: Pagano just finished his first season as defensive coordinator at North Carolina in 2007.
The skinny: After ranking No. 92 in total defense in 2006, UNC’s defense improved to No. 35 nationally in the first year under Pagano. He coached the NFL’s top pass defense as secondary coach for the Oakland Raiders in 2006. Pagano also coached the secondary for Cleveland from 1995-2000. Pagano has over 15 year of college coaching experience including as an assistant coach at Miami from 1995-2000.
Why Pagano: A good fit for the AU job as Pagano is a well respected coordinator, secondary coach and recruiter. Has a prior relationship with Tuberville after both were graduate assistants at Miami in 1986.
Why not: Pagano has worked under head coach Butch Davis for more than a decade and may be hesitant to make a lateral move.
Odds: 10%

Ted Roof

Current job: Roof was just hired as the linebackers coach at Louisville after four years as head coach at Duke.
The skinny: Roof was only 6-45 as a head coach at Duke but had a lot of success as a defensive coordinator at Duke and Georgia Tech. In 2002, Duke improved from 113th to 58th nationally in total defense. In 2001, his Tech defense ranked 32nd nationally while the 2000 unit ranked 20th in scoring defense. Roof began his coaching career as a graduate assistant at Alabama from 1987-88.
Why Roof: A native of Lawrenceville, Ga., and an All-ACC player at Tech, Roof is known as a strong recruiter with close ties to the state of Georgia. Roof was a Broyles Award finalist in 2000.
Why not: Roof just accepted the position at Louisville and may need to reestablish his career after a tough few years at Duke.
Odds: 20%

Jon Tenuta

AP: John Amis

Current job: Tenuta is presently unemployed after a six seasons as the defensive coordinator at Georgia Tech.
The skinny: Tech ranked 12th in total defense this season and has ranked in the Top 30 each of the last four seasons under Tenuta. Tenuta was also d-coordinator at UNC (2001), Ohio State (2000) and SMU (1990-94). His UNC defense ranked first in the ACC in 2001 and produced two first round draft picks in the 2002 NFL Draft. Tenuta’s coaching career also includes stops at Oklahoma, Kansas State, Marshall, SMU and Vanderbilt.
Why Tenuta: Tenuta is a well-respected defensive coordinator and secondary coach that would be a big-name hire for Tuberville. He’s had a lot of success against AU at Tech and at UNC.
Why not: Tenuta doesn’t have a reputation as a great recruiter and there are question as to whether he’d be a good fit on the AU staff.
Odds: 15%

Joe Tresey

Current job: Tresey just completed his first season as Cincinnati’s defensive coordinator.
The skinny: Tresey’s first Cincy defense ranked No. 50 nationally for a team that finished 10-3 behind a high-powered passing attack. Tresey was the defensive coordinator at Central Michigan in 2006 where his unit forced 27 turnovers and 28 sacks in 13 games. He was at Georgia Southern for two seasons including 2004, when his defense ranked 4th nationally. He’s also coached at Akron and VMI and spent 10 years in the high school ranks.
Why Tresey: Tresey is a well-respected, high-energy coach that has a good recruiting reputation.
Why not: Tresey has spent most of his coaching career in the state of Ohio and the Midwest. He lacks the resume or big name of other candidates and has more experience coaching linebackers.
Odds: 10%

Will Only Take A Few Minutes During Your Day

I am hoping since we can all do some part in helping my girlfriend, Dana.                                 

On January 10th your Representative and or Senator will be back in office, I am posting this in hopes that you can call them and ask them to continue to search for justice in the Don Siegelman case. Some of you might be Democrats, Some of you might be Republicans, but this is to help fight for Don Siegelman to have the same rights as all Americans do but is not being treated as such.   I am horrible at words so I will post information copied from Dana’s pages.  Dear Friends,I once again need your help in furthering the messageto free my dad.  Congress is back in session, and itis up to us to provide the pressure than will keepCongress investigating partisan prosecution and thecorruption of the Department of Justice (aka: my dad’scase).  Please take a few minutes on January 10th to call yourRepresentative and/or Senator about continuing thisinvestigation.  This is our chance to show those whorepresent us that prosecuting Democrats overRepublicans, for political reasons, will not betolerated.  Using the Justice Department as apolitical tool will not be tolerated.  Incriminatingone’s opponents to win elections will not betolerated.  We can have our country back, only if we take action. Please use your voice January 10th and call yourCongressperson(s)!   Lets welcome 2008 with ourcombined voice for liberty and justice.   Informationon how to reach your Congressperson can be found at you for your continued efforts to free my dad!  Love, Dana   “After visiting my dad in prison, I have observed this: They do not feed him nearly enough. He has no privacy. He works as a janitor everyday from 7-4. He is allowed few personal belongings, and he lives with real criminals (duh). However, despite the negative conditions he is under, his spirit remains positive, and he retains his hope in coming justice.My goal in writing this letter is to incite your frustration toward our current political state. Politics has adopted the Mafia’s modus operandi. It thrives on power, money, and loyalty (i.e. being loyal to one’s own, versus the client), and aborting those who refuse to comply. Contrarily, we have a judiciary committee in the House of Representatives that cares and wants partisan prosecution to end. The conspirators, (for this is what they truly are), have been doing everything they can to crush the investigation in Congress before it reveals the truth. Our role is to petition these representatives to persevere and fight for justice.“Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable… Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.” Martin Luther King, Jr. Having my dad in prison has sharply awakened me to the many brutalities alive in this world. For years I tried to hide from politics and salvage my naiveté. This was a futile attempt. Hiding from and denying the injustices served to our people and the world is anything but empowering. We have the ability to face these problems and do something productive to stop them. Please join me in encouraging this committee to fight for the truth, to seek justice with all its power, and to rekindle the hope that we ought to have in our government.With all my heart I thank you for your incredible help, prayers, and love.“ (Dana) 

 Seeing this family go through what is has been faced with has been amazing, they continue to believe in the system that has been established.  Still the politics in the country are amazing on how they have deprived this family of their father without bond.  I don’t expect any of you to know what’s going on, some of you might have a biased opinion only hearing certain things in the news.  Learning everything that has gone on behind the scenes for this man is truly insane.  So if you could look up your Representatives number and call them on the 10th to flood the lines to keep in pursuit of justice and feeing Dana’s Father, i would much appreciate your time.  all it will take is a few minutes on your way to work, a few minutes during your lunch break and a few minutes on your way home, you can take more time just flooding the lines to make sure this is brought to their attention.