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Will Only Take A Few Minutes During Your Day

I am hoping since we can all do some part in helping my girlfriend, Dana.                                 

On January 10th your Representative and or Senator will be back in office, I am posting this in hopes that you can call them and ask them to continue to search for justice in the Don Siegelman case. Some of you might be Democrats, Some of you might be Republicans, but this is to help fight for Don Siegelman to have the same rights as all Americans do but is not being treated as such.   I am horrible at words so I will post information copied from Dana’s pages.  Dear Friends,I once again need your help in furthering the messageto free my dad.  Congress is back in session, and itis up to us to provide the pressure than will keepCongress investigating partisan prosecution and thecorruption of the Department of Justice (aka: my dad’scase).  Please take a few minutes on January 10th to call yourRepresentative and/or Senator about continuing thisinvestigation.  This is our chance to show those whorepresent us that prosecuting Democrats overRepublicans, for political reasons, will not betolerated.  Using the Justice Department as apolitical tool will not be tolerated.  Incriminatingone’s opponents to win elections will not betolerated.  We can have our country back, only if we take action. Please use your voice January 10th and call yourCongressperson(s)!   Lets welcome 2008 with ourcombined voice for liberty and justice.   Informationon how to reach your Congressperson can be found at you for your continued efforts to free my dad!  Love, Dana   “After visiting my dad in prison, I have observed this: They do not feed him nearly enough. He has no privacy. He works as a janitor everyday from 7-4. He is allowed few personal belongings, and he lives with real criminals (duh). However, despite the negative conditions he is under, his spirit remains positive, and he retains his hope in coming justice.My goal in writing this letter is to incite your frustration toward our current political state. Politics has adopted the Mafia’s modus operandi. It thrives on power, money, and loyalty (i.e. being loyal to one’s own, versus the client), and aborting those who refuse to comply. Contrarily, we have a judiciary committee in the House of Representatives that cares and wants partisan prosecution to end. The conspirators, (for this is what they truly are), have been doing everything they can to crush the investigation in Congress before it reveals the truth. Our role is to petition these representatives to persevere and fight for justice.“Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable… Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.” Martin Luther King, Jr. Having my dad in prison has sharply awakened me to the many brutalities alive in this world. For years I tried to hide from politics and salvage my naiveté. This was a futile attempt. Hiding from and denying the injustices served to our people and the world is anything but empowering. We have the ability to face these problems and do something productive to stop them. Please join me in encouraging this committee to fight for the truth, to seek justice with all its power, and to rekindle the hope that we ought to have in our government.With all my heart I thank you for your incredible help, prayers, and love.“ (Dana) 

 Seeing this family go through what is has been faced with has been amazing, they continue to believe in the system that has been established.  Still the politics in the country are amazing on how they have deprived this family of their father without bond.  I don’t expect any of you to know what’s going on, some of you might have a biased opinion only hearing certain things in the news.  Learning everything that has gone on behind the scenes for this man is truly insane.  So if you could look up your Representatives number and call them on the 10th to flood the lines to keep in pursuit of justice and feeing Dana’s Father, i would much appreciate your time.  all it will take is a few minutes on your way to work, a few minutes during your lunch break and a few minutes on your way home, you can take more time just flooding the lines to make sure this is brought to their attention.            


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