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Bday Bash 08′?

Saturday March 8th

Spiral Entertainment St. Patrick’s Day Festival:

Saturday March 15th

march 6th: colby greer 

march 8th: allen plaugh

march 9th: adam cowart

march 10th: nathan stewart

march 11th: adam gilman, matt sanna

march 15th: brian remilard

march 17th: craig segrest







4 Responses to “Bday Bash 08′?”

  • Sorry guys, I will be leaving for Rome on the 6th and not returning to the States until the 30th. We’ll have to set up a Memorial Day Chucktown bash so I can party with the bday kids.

  • Colby Greer March 6

  • Don’t forget Kari Nichols is March 10th, too, and Christa Nettles is March 16th. I am definitely in for this throw down!

  • i don’t care which one…it’s up to the b’day people and when the out-of-towners (nate and adam) can be here.

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