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Piedmont park BDAY drunkfest

~ Saturday March 8, 2008 ~

Its official. This is the date. This is the weekend. Piedmont Park Saturday March 8th…the b-bday blowout is in full effect. Bring yo self to Atlanta, or just wake up there and come celebrate the numerous march bdays in our crew!  Bring your ice, beer, coolers, and jaeger to the park…the Auburn crew is back together for the traditional march bday celebration(s)! 

Suggestions on post park activities? Bars? Hole in the wall? (ha ha palermo)  Highlands? Josh’s mom’s house? Im off work fri the 7th-monday the 10th…see you guys in the A.

I welcome any and all Clemson grads who wish to join us Auburn kids for the Bday blowout! War damn eagle!






march 6th: colby greer 

march 8th: allen plaugh

march 9th: adam cowart

march 10th: nathan stewart, kari nichols

march 11th: adam gilman, matt sanna

march 15th: brian remilard

march 16th: christa nettles


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