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Coleman Watches Practice with Neck Brace, Described as OK

Coleman Watches Practice with Neck Brace, Described as OK

   posted 10:24 pm Mon March 03, 2008 – Auburn

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Defensive end Antonio Coleman, who suffered a frightening injury in Saturday’s scrimmage that sent him to the hospital immobilized in an ambulance, was back on the practice field with a neck brace, but walking around. Defensive lineman Sen’Derrick Marks said his friend was doing fine.

“It scared everybody,” said Marks. “It lets you know to take nothing for granted, because there’s no telling what can happen.”

Coleman, who was being blocked by offensive tackle Lee Ziemba, lay motionless for several minutes before he was strapped to a gurney and taken to East Alabama Medical Center, where he was diagnosed with a cervical sprain and began to get feeling back in his limbs.

While he walked around at practice Sunday, he did not speak to reporters. Coleman and other injured Tigers spent much of the practice indoors under the care of trainers.

The injury occurred as Coleman and Ziemba went at it during an extended exchange before and after the whistle that some players described as sort of a fight.

Auburn spokesman Kirk Sampson said Ziemba did not want to talk to reporters and Coleman would meet with the media later in the week.

“Anytime somebody gets hurt when you’re trying to block them, you kind of feel responsible,” coach Tommy Tuberville said. “but there was zero intention. It was both guys competing all day, each was punching each other right and left. That’s football. You just hate something like that ever happens.”

Marks said the two “must have gotten into it, but there are no hard feelings. I think Lee was like, `I’m sorry.’ Antonio was like, `It’s all right.’ Bad stuff happens.”

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