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Networking for the professional tigers out there…

I have been in contact with Ethan for a while… He is a good guy with a lot of good contacts. This group is getting bigger also so it can only help! So if you got a job get a better one with a tiger as your boss.. If you don’t have a job you prob shouldn’t be hanging out reading AuburnTron right now!

Hello fellow Auburn Alums.  Thank you for signing up to join the Auburn Alumni Group in LinkedIn.  Please take a moment to promote our group to your Auburn contacts.  We would like to continue to see this group grow.  To invite new members, send out an email invitation with the following link to join our group.

I also invite any of you to connect directly with me – you can send an invite to  Please put a short Auburn reference in your invite. 

Best regards and War Eagle!


2 Responses to “Networking for the professional tigers out there…”

  • is it all au alum who live in VA? id check it out but i doubt there are any au alums in charleston on there that i dont already know cause of the low country auburn club board im on.

  • No it is all over the US. You might know them already but linked in show’s there Business Connections. It let’s you know where they work or worked… which can help you if there is a new business you want to get into.

    Long Story Short You Are A Punk…

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