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“He looks like Tarzan but plays like Jane”


The NFL Draft lasts just two days, but when Alabama gets shut out for the first time in 38 years, the blame game can go on forever.

Who’s at fault? Let’s call the roll.

Mike Shula, Mike Price and Dennis Franchione. And their staffs.  

Mike DuBose, Logan Young and Tom Yeager. And their enablers.

And don’t forget the strippers who moonlighted as recruiters.

They all played a role in the decline and fall of the Alabama Empire, which just found a new way to hit bottom despite the rebuilding that’s already begun.

If you thought Louisiana-Monroe was the low point, it wasn’t.

Draft weekend was.

It doesn’t get any lower than Mount Union 1, Alabama 0.

Besides the usual suspects – the dead horses kicked within an inch of their afterlives – is there anyone else at fault for this shocking development?  

As a matter of fact, yes.

Writers, bloggers and message-board posters.

Card-carrying members of Tide Pride, Crimson Tradition and the Red Elephant Clubs near and far.  

The entire Crimson Industrial Complex.

Anyone who cares about, cries about or just plain obsesses over Alabama football is an unindicted co-conspirator.

They didn’t sign the players who failed to get drafted or fail to develop the players who were signed, but they’re all guilty of making Alabama football bigger than life. When you make something bigger than life, you lose touch with reality.

When you lose touch with reality on the front end, it comes back to bite you on the back end. On game day and on draft day.

Too many people think too many Alabama signees are better than they are because they’re Alabama signees. They think too many Alabama players are better than they are because they’re Alabama players.

It’s a delusion born of history and passion.

Take DJ Hall. The NFL didn’t, not with a draft pick, though the 32 teams combined to draft 35 other wide receivers.  

The league took a cold, hard look at the leading receiver in Alabama history and didn’t like some of the things it saw, on and off the field.

Consider this snippet from the detailed pre-draft analysis of Hall that appeared on “Even if there is a 0 bill in the middle of the field with his name on it, he will not be found in that area. … He looks like Tarzan but plays like Jane.”

Simeon Castille, who wasn’t one of 32 college cornerbacks the NFL drafted, didn’t live up to a double dose of unrealistic expectations. He was a good Alabama player who happened to be the son of a great Alabama player.  

“Looks like Tarzan,” the analysis of Castille said, “but he fails to generate much pop on contact.”

That’s a negative for a college cornerback who’ll have to shift to safety in the NFL because he’s considered too slow to play corner at that level.

Castille and Hall both signed free-agent deals, as did some other undrafted Alabama seniors. They all have a chance to write the next chapter of their life stories, outside the shadow of Alabama’s history, though Castille can’t escape the shade of the family tree.

Look at the bright side.

They were free agents.

Now they’ve been set free.

NFL ‘Pulls a Coleman’, Sacks Bama

TUSCALOOSA Without saying a word, the NFL collectively passed clear judgment this weekend on Alabama’s 2008 draft class.

The Crimson Tide was not included among the 252 selections in this year’s NFL draft. It was the first time Alabama has been shut out since 1970, the year the American Football League officially joined the NFL.


“We’re just really confused,” offensive lineman Justin Britt said. “I mean, this doesn’t make any sense.”  

One after another, prospects from smaller programs and stature were picked ahead of Alabama stars like defensive end Wallace Gilberry, defensive back legacy Simeon Castille and record-breaking receiver DJ Hall.

In all, seven teams the Tide defeated in 2007 combined to have 15 draftees, including four first-round selections.

“I was very surprised,” Gilberry said, “just for the simple fact that me, DJ and Simeon were by far better than half the guys that were chosen in front of us, if not all of them.”

“I’ve never seen anything like this,” receiver Matt Caddell said. “I was just looking for the first Bama guy. I was most surprised about DJ and Gilberry. I was kind of shocked they didn’t get draft ed.”

After Sunday’s final five rounds passed uneventfully, Alabama’s contingent quickly began securing free agent deals.

Former Baldwin County standout Gilberry watched the draft with friends and family near Mobile. He wound up agreeing Sunday night to a deal with the Super Bowl champion New York Giants.

“A lot of people were blowing a lot of smoke, crying wolf, so I was kind of glad I didn’t get drafted once it got past the sixth round,” Gilberry said. “I felt like the Giants, not only are they the champions, but their style of defense and the way they play, I definitely could see myself fitting somewhere in their defense.”

Castille and Britt both agreed to terms with the Cincinnati Bengals. Britt said he received a seventh-round call from the Baltimore Ravens, who told him they would take him or a running back with their final pick.

They then took Oklahoma running back Allen Patrick at No. 240, leaving Britt to choose Cincinnati over offers from Baltimore, Tampa Bay and New England, where his brother Wesley played last season.

“I almost got drafted,” Britt said, “but I couldn’t believe Wallace and DJ and Simeon didn’t get drafted. It doesn’t make any sense at all. A lot of these guys going in their same position, and I just don’t think they can match up with these guys I’ve been playing with for four years.”

Among others likely to land a free agent contact, Hall’s agent was in negotiations late Sunday. Caddell and fellow receiver Keith Brown had not heard anything definite as of early Sunday night.

Castille and Britt are due at mini-camp by the end of week in the hopes of making the team as a free agent.

It can happen. Castille’s brother Tim, a former Tide fullback, wasn’t drafted last year and wound up earning a roster spot with the Arizona Cardinals.

“Just because a guy isn’t taken in the first round or those early rounds,” Simeon Castille said last week, “it doesn’t mean that he can’t have an awesome impact in the NFL.”

Auburn On Draft Day


<click on link to see draft picks from auburn>

No first rounders, but look for that to change with Tray Blakmon next year could be a top ten pick.  Sorry Brandon Cox, maybe he’ll have a career in insurance sales.  You gotta feel bad for Quentin, going into last year you thought for sure he was going to have 1st round type numbers, but when your getting triple teamed, what can ya do?  Jacksonville should be a perfect fit for him with their defensive alignment and how they like to use hybrid d lineman/backers.  Lee and Wilhite should fight for jobs from the begining because both the Pakers and Patriots are getting old at corner.  Pat Sims can join Cincy’s jailbate squad, I hope he’s happy when we win the SEC without his ass this year.  King Dunlap was a shocker, seeing he got benched last year, but I guess you can’t pass up on someone with that freakish size.  I have a feeling he’s going to eat a lot of cheesesteaks in Philly.

Article on Tenn new offense


Now……..walk it out

YouTube Preview Image

Auburn was first in doing “blackout”

ewww whatcha sayyyyyy

Brittany – Colby – & Tubs


“Sooooo. I had dinner with my good friend Tubs last night. You may know him as Tommy Tuberville. I call him Tubs because we are super tight best friends now. Anyway he wanted me to let you guys know that this year is going to be awesome. He has so much faith in our new offense and I agree. I mean if you can beat Clemson with a completely new offense you’ve only been using for a few days then the sky is the limit. He told me that with our new offense we’ll be able to utilize all of the players talents and make a ton of plays. Our average before was 60 or so a game but for the Clemson Bowl game we made 92. With Cody Burns and Chris Todd (who played our new offense all through high school and yes did have a shoulder injury in the spring but will be fine game time) as QB and and maybe even Mario Fanning (kind of doing a Mcfadden in Arkasas) there is no stopping us. Our Defense is going to be so strong. He’s been trying to recruit Paul Rhodes for 10 years and now we have him. Even though we may have lost another coach what ever his name was… Tubs was the one calling all the defensive plays anyway. So we are as good as gold. So everyone get ready because this year is going to ROCK!”


Top 10 Reason’s Your Name Might Be Paul Finebaum…

By: Nate & Mikey 

10. If you have a radio show dedicated to constantly talking about Auburn football.
9. If your idea of actual news is watching Bama highlights from the 70′s and relating them to current issues.
8. If you write fantasy articles to hide the pain of six auburn loses.

7. If the only good news in your book is fake news.
6. You believe that Alabama could beat 10 Mike Dikas in a football game.

5. You hate your own almomotter so much you suck the tit of a sub par criminal SEC team.
4. Your favorite expression is “if you can’t beat them, make up an excuss”
3. You Drank to much one night and had to get your stomach pumped…all that was found was Nick Sabans Semen.

2. The last time you successfully picked an Iron Bowl Game you had hair.

1. You will be predicting an iron bowl win next year; immeadetly after this years loss.

I just love this guy. War Damn Eagle!

Bird poops on reporter during live shot