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Rumor Alert

The rumor going around some blogs is that ABC (who has first pick of SEC games right now) is going to pick up the FL-Tenn game (a day game)…meaning ESPN picks up AU-LSU @ 8pm !!!

3 Responses to “Rumor Alert”

  • after reading this and coming down from the excitement ive realized that yet again we are in the most boring stretch of sports leading up to AUBURN FOOTBALL.

    Time to hit the sticks! ncaa domination..

  • I bought a PS3 for my bday (with NCAA 08 of course)….once i get my internet hooked up (prolly later in may) we’re gonna rumble. You still owe me a rematch from that spanking you gave me when i was DRUNK AS SHIT on my bday last year.

  • thats fine! Give me notice before we play… I’ll take a few shots to level the playing field.

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