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One fans breakdown of the 2008 season

just skip foward straight to the UGA game….wow. war eagle!

Aug. 30 vs. Louisiana Monroe
New offensive wrinkles and formations will stay a secret. Tristan Davis also still a secret weapon that is kept under wraps. Tubs, Franklin and Co. show Saban how it’s done.
AU 44 LaMo 7
Sept. 6 vs. Southern Mississippi
New coach for Southern Miss. same ole story for the Eagles…Spread tricks still in the bag.
AU 35 S. Miss 10
Sept. 13 at Mississippi State
The first road game of the year and revenge is on the mind of all AU fans and players. Did MSU really do anything to win the game last year in Auburn? Or was it all the undoing at the hands of AU itself. We all remember Kodi coming in for a glimpse of the future somewhat even though I don’t think I have ever seen that many running plays for a QB in AU’s history. Kodi comes in much more experienced this go around and in his first start on the road in the SEC exercises the “Croom” demons. This has Lincoln Financial written all over it.
AU 31 MSU 14
Sept. 20 vs. LSU
This game will be eerily similar to the 2004 game in Jordan Hare as far as importance goes. LSU comes in undefeated defeated National Champs just like ’04. The difference will be that AU is finally able to put up big points in a marquee game like this and they will not go into the Tubershell. Perilloux and LSU will be the story as he will have gotten in trouble again to start the season and is suspended for the first few games…of course Miles has stated he will be ready for SEC play and he starts against Auburn. AU finally shows the true Tony Franklin spread offense and looks awesome against the talented LSU defense who is confused and by late in the 4th quarter will not the legs it takes to overcome Jordan Hare at night on ESPN. National Champs go down for the first time in 08.
AU 31 LSU 17
Sept. 27 vs. Tennessee
Most who have followed the AU program throughout the years know that the game against Tenn after an emotional win against LSU could easily be a trap game. Things are different on the Plains with no nonsense Tony in the house. Tennessee has talent but they also will have to replace Erik Ainge and he will be coming into a hostile environment. For the first time people will be talking about the AU defense more than the offense. This has CBS 2:30 written all over it.
AU 31 vs Tenn 10
Oct. 4 at Vanderbilt
This will be the trap game as it always is. When was the last time AU went to Vandy and stomped them like the doormats that they are? AU always struggles in Nashville and they will struggle in the first half but pull away in the second half.
AU 24 Vandy 14
Oct. 11 vs. Arkansas
Oh boy Finebaum and the bammer media will definitely be on hand for this one. Petrino vs Tubs. Where will Arkansas get offense from? This will be a laugher. Tubs finally exacts revenge on little Bobby for what he did soooo long ago.
AU 35 Ark. 7
Oct. 23 at West Virginia
Wow AU comes in with 12 days rest for this one and at 7-0. This will be the game of the week most likely as WV will also come in 7-0. ESPN gets what they paid for in this game. In an all out offensive explosion this one will go down to the wire and them some. If you remember the games that AU had with FSU in the late 80′s this will be a similar shootout. West Virginia has to go for 2 after Tony Franklin has gone for 2 in the previous series and converted…. WV doesn’t convert. And AU sneaks out of Morgantown.
AU 49 WV 47 (in 2OT’s)
Nov. 1 at Ole Miss
After the emotional win in Morgantown the Tigers are now ranked in the top 5 in the nation. They come to Oxford thinking they can take on anyone, but an old nemesis returns and this time he is wearing Blue Red and White. Houston Nutt brings in a very talented group of Rebels who besides AU are the biggest surprise in the conference and come in with only 1 loss to the undefeated Florida Gators. Enrique Davis will be out to prove a point in this one that he made the right decision staying out of the spread offense. He will think for about 3 and a half quarters that he has made the right decision as Ole Miss stays within striking distance….middle of the 4th quarter though Tristan Davis and Mario Fannin show why you can be a RB and be ultra successful in the Tony Franklin System. In a close one… AU survives again….this time on the leg of Wes Byrum.
AU 24 Ole Miss 21
Nov. 8 vs. UT-Martin
No write up necessary. The only thing similar btw these teams is their uncannily similar jerseys. Kodi and a bunch of the main players rest….but AU rolls on.
AU 38 UT Martin 7
Nov. 15 vs. Georgia
Game of the year in College Football so far as far as the hype machine goes. UGA comes in undefeated and ranked #1 in the nation (10-0) looking like they have the inside track to their first NC since the early 80′s. AU has been mauled the last two games in this series. In some of the worst beat downs of the Tuberville era. AU is at home but comes in as a slight underdog in Vegas. Tubs still fuming because of the rampant Soulja Boy dancing last year by ThUGA has a few tricks up his sleeve. Jordan Hare is filled 30 minutes before the game and is rockin. AU players come to warm up but go back in to the tunnel unusually early. The rumors swirling all week on the message boards become a reality. AU comes back out through the smoke to emerge in the ORANGE jerseys. The blue hairs are furious and want Tuberville fired. Finebaum already starts on his column for the next week “Tubervilles tricks finally do him in”… Paul begins this article too soon. This is only a contest for about a half. AU shows every element of the spread including Mario Fannin playing QB with Burns and Furr at WR and Davis and Lester in the backfield. The misery of 3 long years is over AU fans. See you again in ATL.
AU 35 UGA 14
Nov. 29 at Alabama
We have heard it for years you can throw out the record books when these two teams meet. AU fans despite the Streak have still had to endure the constant love fest for Bama and Saban in the state and national media. Tubs has not brought up the game all year and all of the talk will center around again Bama spoiling the big party for AU again. Bama has gotten significant help all year from their #1 ranked recruits, but still Saban comes in at a mediocre 8-3. Still the Die Hards will say that the law of averages has to catch up with AU and the streak will finally come to an end. But in the end this will be one of the most historic beat downs of the Tide by AU in ages. The whispers about Saban’s future with the Tide will grow louder and by the end of this one yes AU fans you will be able to rejoice finally like no other time in the streak.
AU 42 UA 14
I got 12-0 going to Atlanta for a rematch with the Dawgs.

5 Responses to “One fans breakdown of the 2008 season”

  • When I got to this point “AU comes back out through the smoke to emerge in the ORANGE jerseys.” chills shot out over my whole body.

    Man I hope this comes true.

    War Eagle. (& good find)

  • same here man! anyone know the last time AU came out in orange jerseys? i dont think ive ever seen it? i did some research but couldnt find anything. but…with wearing the orange…yeah it would be awesome if we were undefeated going into the UGA game…fuck yeah suit em up…but if we even have 1 loss theres no point in doing that. its just silly. were not trying to be like notre dame with their green or UGA with their black. it would be real cool to see though.

    I really like the talk about mario @ QB. you know when this offense gets rollin were gonna see some crazy ass trick plays. there is ALOT more of creative things you can do in the spread vs west coast….

    How about a brad lester direct snap sweep right toss to furr reverse (lined up @ WR cause he’s gonna burn his redshirt just to play)…reverses…deep pass to fannin lined up in the slot. 6. put em up.

  • …reverses….deep pass to Trott who “hook and ladder” tosses it to Fannin…..


    Why not.

    Man, I just got hard.


  • how bout…its the 4th quarter in the ESPN 8pm 2008 AU(10-0) VS UGA (10-0)game…26-20 UGA with :08 seconds left…AU has the ball on their own 30 yard line…5 wide formation…lester @ QB…burns-trott-tate lined up trips left…slaighter-fannin on right…lester takes the snap…runs right…hands off the reverse to fannin…runs left…trott and tate block as fannin runs for 15 yards…option pitch to kodi at the 45 yard line…jukes 3 players breaking 6 ankles…super man dive from the 5 yard line into a front flip summersought into the student section!!! WAR SPREAD EAGLE!

  • yeah…thats right…i said BURNS…lined up and mother f’n wide reciever. you think im kidding?? 2nd half of the season just watch. Fannin @ QB. Burns @ WR. If Furr burns his redshirt hell be at WR too. Burns did line up at WR for 1 play in the bowl game…it was a busted play though…

    I wanna see Lester and Swinton on punt returns. Id give that freshman philip piere louis a look to and that harris guy that runs a 40 in 4.3 seconds. that is…if they dont redshirt.

    BTW tommy trott is gonna be a gamebreaker yr.

    Is it really APRIL??? AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

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