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Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Clone

I Read this on an auburn football forum. i would love to brew my own beer one day…


“Hundreds of our customers at my homebrew shop have made this. Most swear it’s identical to the original. Dry hopping is essential for classic Cascade flavor and aroma. (5 gallons) ”


• 8 oz. caramel malt, 30° Lovibond
• 6 oz. DeWolf-Cosyns cara-pils malt
• 6 lbs. light malt syrup
• 1.5 oz. Perle hops (8.2% alpha acid) for 60 min.
• 2.5 oz. Cascade hops (5.4% alpha acid): 1 oz. for 15 min., 1 oz. for 5 min., 0.5
oz. pellets (dry hopping).
• Wyeast 1056 (American ale)
• 11/4 cup dry malt extract

Step by Step:

Add grains to 1.5 gal. water. Bring slowly to 170° F. Remove grains and bring to a boil.
Total boil is 60 min. Boil 10 min. and add Perle hops. Boil 45 min. more, adding water as
needed to maintain liquid level. Make first Cascade addition. Boil 5 min. more. Turn off
heat. Wait 10 min. Add 1 oz. Cascade. Wait 3 to 5 min. Remove hops and transfer to

Top up to 5 gal. Pitch yeast at 70° F.

Ferment three days and rack to secondary. Dry hop with 0.5 oz. Cascade pellets. Ferment
two weeks at 65° F. Prime and bottle.

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