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Rivials Forum member’s top 10 for 2008

Anybody else got a better top 10 for 08′? 

1. I want to beat Miss State there,
2. I want to beat LSU, and see if the corndogs criticize the hat.
3. I want to beat Tenn, and sing “Rocky flop you’ll always be, 5th in the SEC, good ole rocky flop”
4.I want to beat Arkansas and watch CTT’s face when he shakes hands with CBP.
5. I want to beat West Virginia, there, on a Thurs night on national TV.
6. I want to beat Ole Miss and sing “sometimes you feel like a nut ….”
7. I want to beat Georgia by 28 in Auburn and roll Toomers.
8. I want to beat bammers by 40 points on their own field and sing rammer jammer to them all night long. “da da daaa da – hey alabama….”
9. I want to beat UGA again in the SEC CG by 28 again, and sing & dance to souja boy during the 4th quarter.
10, I want to beat the USC Trojans by 30 in the National Championship game and watch the ESPN football guys whine and cry and moan at the end.

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