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Why will Auburn kick ass this season?

The Auburn Tigers strive as the underdog.

Our recruiting class was not as strong this year, but that is because we always find a way to pick players who will end up being stars. Generally, our recruits have a good head on their shoulders and stay out of trouble. We have established ourselves as contenders year after year and that will only help us to maintain a high recruitment level.

With the exit of Will Muschamp, many people have started to worry about how our defense will fair this year. Paul Rhodes comes in with a solid defensive background from a Pittsburgh team that was 5th in passing defense, 10th in total defense (which was one above Auburn), and 34th in rushing defense. Rhodes gains a lot more speed with the Auburn defense than he had at Pitt so expect our numbers to be at the top again this year.

Offensively, we played a few freshmen last year and they will only get better with the experience they obtained. We have quite a QB contest shaping up, but I do not see this as a negative. Look with Florida did with Leek and Tebow. I wouldn’t mind if we played two quarterbacks this season just to keep the defense guessing, but if one emerges as the best candidate, I believe we need to stick with that QB instead of being quick to swap out like we did last year. We definitely don’t need another booing fiasco.

Other than that, we return all our starters on the offensive line and with Gabe McKenzie and Tommy Trott turning heads this spring, you can be certain they will make an immediate impact as well. What is in question is if any of the receivers will step up and become playmakers this fall. Billings, Dunn, Slaughter, Swinton, Zachary, and Carr will all have a chance to show their worth in this new spread offense. Getting a jump on the installation of the new offense last year might just have been the best thing for our players. The spread that Franklin is bringing in is very complex and how quickly our players can learn it and all the nuances of it will be the key in our early season performances.

We have to play some pretty good teams this year. Georgia will come is as the SEC, and some say, national favorite. With all due respect to our first few teams, it looks like we are set up to slide comfortably into our offense before any real threat. That being said, this is the SEC and we cannot afford to overlook any team (note: Miss. St. last year.) Once again, LSU will be our first real threat but if we can play them defensively like we did last year, I’m sure their last second luck will not save them this time around. Playing West Virginia in their house will be difficult, but with some smart plays (and a little luck) we might slide out of Morgantown relatively unscathed. If we can make it to Georgia undefeated, I believe with all my heart that we have an honest shot at a national championship. As long as we don’t start winning and overlook a team like Vandy or Arkansas, then we should be fine.

After spring practice was over, the team was pretty beat up and bruised but look for strong summer resurgence from most of the injured players. If we can keep these guys healthy and keep focused all season, I could be looking at the best graduation present ever: a national championship.

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  • I realize this is a bit overly optimistic considering our strength of schedule, but I have faith.

  • War damn eagle! I totally agree Scott. Its funny, bama students would like to win this year just to see 1 win against us. It must suck to goto a school that looses to your rivial year after year. But hey, we wouldn’t know. 6.

  • Yeah no kidding.

    I decided not even to acknowledge that game in the article so I didnt have to hear any bitching for the Bama folks.

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