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Top 10 Reason’s Your Name Might Be Paul Finebaum…

By: Nate & Mikey 

10. If you have a radio show dedicated to constantly talking about Auburn football.
9. If your idea of actual news is watching Bama highlights from the 70′s and relating them to current issues.
8. If you write fantasy articles to hide the pain of six auburn loses.

7. If the only good news in your book is fake news.
6. You believe that Alabama could beat 10 Mike Dikas in a football game.

5. You hate your own almomotter so much you suck the tit of a sub par criminal SEC team.
4. Your favorite expression is “if you can’t beat them, make up an excuss”
3. You Drank to much one night and had to get your stomach pumped…all that was found was Nick Sabans Semen.

2. The last time you successfully picked an Iron Bowl Game you had hair.

1. You will be predicting an iron bowl win next year; immeadetly after this years loss.

I just love this guy. War Damn Eagle!

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