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Daily Archive for April 25th, 2008

Brittany – Colby – & Tubs


“Sooooo. I had dinner with my good friend Tubs last night. You may know him as Tommy Tuberville. I call him Tubs because we are super tight best friends now. Anyway he wanted me to let you guys know that this year is going to be awesome. He has so much faith in our new offense and I agree. I mean if you can beat Clemson with a completely new offense you’ve only been using for a few days then the sky is the limit. He told me that with our new offense we’ll be able to utilize all of the players talents and make a ton of plays. Our average before was 60 or so a game but for the Clemson Bowl game we made 92. With Cody Burns and Chris Todd (who played our new offense all through high school and yes did have a shoulder injury in the spring but will be fine game time) as QB and and maybe even Mario Fanning (kind of doing a Mcfadden in Arkasas) there is no stopping us. Our Defense is going to be so strong. He’s been trying to recruit Paul Rhodes for 10 years and now we have him. Even though we may have lost another coach what ever his name was… Tubs was the one calling all the defensive plays anyway. So we are as good as gold. So everyone get ready because this year is going to ROCK!”