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Auburn On Draft Day


<click on link to see draft picks from auburn>

No first rounders, but look for that to change with Tray Blakmon next year could be a top ten pick.  Sorry Brandon Cox, maybe he’ll have a career in insurance sales.  You gotta feel bad for Quentin, going into last year you thought for sure he was going to have 1st round type numbers, but when your getting triple teamed, what can ya do?  Jacksonville should be a perfect fit for him with their defensive alignment and how they like to use hybrid d lineman/backers.  Lee and Wilhite should fight for jobs from the begining because both the Pakers and Patriots are getting old at corner.  Pat Sims can join Cincy’s jailbate squad, I hope he’s happy when we win the SEC without his ass this year.  King Dunlap was a shocker, seeing he got benched last year, but I guess you can’t pass up on someone with that freakish size.  I have a feeling he’s going to eat a lot of cheesesteaks in Philly.

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  • mmmmmmm….cheesesteak.

    I like the spin AU can put on recruits now.

    “do you want to play football in the NFL? yeah? Then come to auburn! Bama put none of their players there.”

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