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ESPN analysis: Perri-who?


So the inevitable finally happened, Ryan Perrilloux screwed up again and Les Miles kicked him off the team. How much do you think this hurts the Tigers?

From a big picture sense, I actually think this move ultimately helps the Tigers’ program. Perrilloux had long since passed the point of becoming a distraction to the team. It also should be noted that all major colleges have built-in check points so the coaches are aware of guys who may be getting off-track. In most cases, the head coach is given weekly academic reports that show if a player has missed a class or even shown up late to a class or study session. These things are generally well-monitored by the academic support people. The coaches also get daily reports from their strength coaches as well as trainers about who is doing what on a daily basis. Reports of failed drug tests usually go to the coaches as well as the athletic director. So such problems, never mind just the ones that can show up on the police blotter, don’t sneak up on anyone.

Miles didn’t want to make this move, I’m sure. According to a source close to the program, Miles had given Perrilloux more than enough chances to mature, but it never happened. The problem was Miles surely would’ve dumped a lesser talent sooner and I’m sure he wrestled with that. Ultimately he knew how cancerous it can be to a program when other players see a guy given preferential treatment, knowing the rules really don’t apply to him.

It’s sad that Perrilloux blew this opportunity. Long before he had arrived at LSU he had been touted by the recruiting analysts as a prodigy along the lines of Vince Young. Throughout the recruiting process he exhibited a warped sense of entitlement and apparently he never really did grow out of it, exhibiting behavior that indicates he didn’t think the rules applied to him.

The move might cost LSU this year’s SEC championship. Redshirt freshman Jarrett Lee and junior Andrew Hatch, the Harvard transfer, are Miles’ two most viable options at quarterback. The Tigers, with Perrilloux, were the favorites to win the SEC West. Without him, and with less experience and less playmaking ability behind center, you have to believe that Auburn now becomes the favorite. LSU probably will lose at least one more game because of the move, but the program should be better for it down the road.

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