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The Auburner’s Season Predictions


my favorites:

Oct. 11 Arkansas
The team sits in the locker room one hour before kickoff. Tuberville enters the room and says “Go home. This is not your battle. I shall defeat my former student alone.” Tuberville picks up a football helmet and takes the field. Arkansas leads Tuberville 14-6 at the half. The team meets Tuberville in the locker room. Brad Lester gives an inspirational speech to Tuberville about teamwork and family. The team walks onto the field, arms-locked, and destroys Bobby Petrino and the Razorbacks 42-14. Tuberville grows as a person today.

Nov. 15 Georgia
Here’s the scene; Auburn’s undefeated. Georgia’s undefeated. The anticipation for this game is insane. The nation is doubtful that Auburn can win this game. CBS constantly shows clips from Auburn’s previous two beatings by Georgia. Auburn runs out of the tunnel wearing orange jerseys. Mark Richt scoffs at Auburn’s lame attempt to copy Georgia’s ‘black out’ from the previous year. However, during the kickoff, Auburn rips off their jerseys to reveal their standard home jerseys. Tuberville pulled a perfect NOT-A-GIMMICK GIMMICK! Oh man. It’s the most gimmicky gimmick in the book and Tubs pulls is off perfectly.


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