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Daily Archive for May 13th, 2008

Tell LSU it’ll miss Ryan Perrilloux

Don’t give me addition by subtraction. Don’t tell me a football team wins by losing the SEC Championship Game MVP.

Don’t tell me LSU will be better without Ryan Perrilloux.

Maybe one day.

Not opening day. That’s when Andrew Hatch or Jarrett Lee will make his first college start against Appalachian State.

Not the third Saturday in September. That’s when Hatch or Lee or incoming freshman Jordan Jefferson will step under center for the first time in Jordan-Hare Stadium, LSU’s personal haunted house.

LSU’s chance of winning those early games was diminished the moment Les Miles dismissed his starting quarterback from the team for good.

Perrilloux may be gone from the defending champs, but he will not be forgotten. He will be replaced in the lineup but not on the scoreboard.

Not quickly. Or easily.

Perrilloux himself started just two games in his three seasons at LSU. In those two games, in the regular season against Middle Tennessee and in the SEC Championship Game against Tennessee, he looked like the most decorated quarterback signee in school history.

In those two starts, he completed 40 of 55 passes for 541 yards and four touchdowns. Imagine what he might’ve done this season with a little starting experience.

No one knows who will replace him, but everyone should know this: The next LSU quarterback will have less experience and less talent. That’s why the Tigers can not and will not be better anytime soon without Perrilloux.

But don’t take my word for it.

Listen to Jimbo Fisher, who coached quarterbacks at LSU before he assumed that position at Florida State.

Fisher knows Perrilloux. Perrilloux was a pupil of his for two years. Fisher knows the next LSU quarterback is no Ryan Perrilloux.

In an interview with Scott Griffin and me on WSPZ AM-690, Fisher said Perrilloux “is extremely talented. The guy can throw it, now. I mean, throw it hard. And can run. He’s strong. He’s instinctive back there.”

Fisher didn’t stop there.

He called it “a shame” that LSU booted Perrilloux off the team.

“It’s a shame for him and it’s a shame for them because I totally believe they can be as good (as) or better (than last year),” Fisher said. “With the quarterback, they could’ve made another run at that thing.”

That thing is the BCS title. The quarterback was Perrilloux.

Fisher, only two springs and one season removed from working in Baton Rouge, raved about LSU’s talent and depth at one position after another.

Offensive line: “Better than it’s ever been down there.”

Running back: “Totally stacked.”

Defensive line: “They may be better there than last year.”

Yes. He means even without Glenn Dorsey.

“If their corners and their quarterback play well,” Fisher said, “they will make another run at it.”

If. Big if. Because there are no ifs, ands or buts about one thing.

As good as LSU will be at every other position, it won’t start the season as good as it would’ve been at starting quarterback.

Fisher said Perrilloux leaving his home state “could be the best thing that’s ever happened to him.”

Don’t tell me his home school can say the same. Not today.