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n7009520_37673406_624.jpgSo, I come to visit Auburn Tron today. I bring with me a story from Lake Martin-and yes it involves how Lucky, Badass, Pimp, Sweet, Etc I am.We have all seen the pictures of Lake Havasu- everyone tied up drinking and partying. I find Lake Martin to be the Souths hot spot from time to time. I head out to Chimney Rock, usually where everyone ties up, parties, drinks, ets. So at the rock, we tie up with about Eight other boats. We have a great time, Bud Light, Miller Light, Tequila. My Buddy tells me this weekend is a Zero Tolerence weekend and John Law is out and looking. I shrug this, “Ah, we are just parked, I’ll get one of these girls to drive if we need” I proclaim. Low and behold we get a visit from the Law- He calls for back up, and three more Marine Police boats pull in to help. They mostly just check for underage drinking and life jackets. Two youngin’s get arrested for underage drinking off the boat next to me. He proceeds to pull his boat up next to mine, asks for everyones IDs. Everyone on my boat included. This checks out, and asks to see all my lifejackets, a throwable device, and a fireextinguisher, this checks out. Next question, “Are you in charge of this boat, sir?” -”Yes, I am.” -”how much have you had to drink sir?”-”I am not really sure”-”I am going to need you to put on a lifejacket and step over here on my boat”-”Okay, let me find one to fit my fat ass” (to will “Hey will, take a picture of me on the Police mans boat!)”-”The reason why I pulled you over here was because you told me you did not know how much you had to drink, so we are going to find out”-”Great! Well, Just let me assure you even though I am responsible for this vessel, there are other licensed individuals on board”-”Just blow right into this tube until I tell you to stop, sir”I blow and blow and blow, he finally gives me the okay that his machine has registered my situation.-”WAIT WAIT WAIT, before you tell me, can I guess?”-”sure”-”.12!”-”Sir, The legal Limit to operate a boat is .08″-”Oh, uh, .15 then!”-”Well, you blew a .079, you can step back on to your boat”-As I step back on to my boat, I proudly announce to the other boats of my Adventure aboard the Marine Police boat- assuring everyone that it was only .079- Everyone Cheers and we take a drink in victory. n7009520_37666152_9183.jpg I think you could say that this was a win, and I felt like if I did not post this, I just wouldnt be a proper friend to all you guys. By the way, the boat now wears two AU stickers in Pride!!! War Damn Eagle!n7009520_37673400_8704.jpgbpowell4au

8 Responses to “Lake Martin Story – I JUST GOTTA BRAG ON THIS ONE”

  • That’s hilarious! WAR EAGLE! hahaha. But come on, a .079? seriously? Theres no way. That marina cop may want to check his equipment.

  • OH YEAH, I fully think that he cut me some slack because he thought it was funny and let me off. If I really blew a .079, that means .08 is pretty drunk. I know I wouldnt have drove a car…

  • ha ha! that’s great, i love the pic!

  • We had sooo much fun that day! I can’t believe all the BS they gave us, but at least you captured us all at our finest!! Thanks IAN!!
    Ready to go do it all over again this weekend??

  • You gotta thank Mr. Will Ivey for that pic. As i was jumping off my boat to the marine boat, i emptied the pockets and whispered to will to take a picture, even though the officer said we couldnt…

  • Brandy, a new recruit that was there during this story, she could be auburntron material

  • I am soooo auburntron material…check out the pink/white swimsuit…ROCKIN!

    BBQ Party Tomorrow at Melissa’s….IAN you better be there!

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