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Tony Franklin Keynotes

Tony Franklin was the keynote speaker at tonight’s Greater Valley Area Auburn Club meeting and he had several interesting things to say.


Here are some highlights:*He doesn’t believe in saying you are waiting on your players before you can run your system and that is an excuse for “losers.” He said that there was another coach constantly talking about how bad his current players were.

*Franklin said that neither Burns or Todd had separated from the other and that the best would play, but that the best might be a combo of both.

*He says that you do what it takes to win. If that means winning 51-50, you do it. He will never blame the defense, it is the offenses job to outscore the other team.

*He said that people were telling AU running back recruits that we wouldn’t run anymore and that we were in the “spread.” He says that Texas Tech is in the spread and throws it every play, so if their offense is the spread, Auburn doesn’t run the spread.

*Says that in the bowl game he told the other coaches if Brad Lester didn’t get at least 15 touches he would hand in his resignation. He noted that Eddie Gran pointed out that Lester only had four carries at halftime and so Franklin knew he needed to get him more involved.

*Says that Hugh Nall is one of the best offensive line coaches in the country.

*Says we should drop football because another school got all these five star players. He noted that there is only one football to go around and he feels that CTT has done a great job in having the right mix of stars with good solid football players.

*He said that when guys get to college, they aren’t two stars or five stars, they are football players.

*He was asked about using the tight ends and why Auburn hadn’t done that as much in recent years. He says that not using the tight ends was over and that Tommy Trott has a chance to be a star because he’s the rare blend of size, speed and hands.

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