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Daily Archive for May 27th, 2008

Fox Sports article on the SEC coaching changes


 ”Standing in line for the next biggest shake-up is Auburn, which has hired two new coordinators — Paul Rhodes on defense and Tony Franklin on offense. Franklin has a bit of a head start on Rhodes in the changeover because he was able to implement some of his spread offense before the bowl game vs. Clemson. While a lot of Auburn fans want to label him as a savant, most of the SEC West looks at the Tigers’ scheme changes as nothing to be feared. Ironically, with so many changes in the SEC, it’s become quite the norm in Auburn as Tuberville keeps going through coordinators. Rhodes, on the other side of the ball, seems to be a solid hire. His name almost reached household status last year when his defense not only contained the West Virginia offense, but destroyed it. Rhodes inherits a lot of talent with this team and his defense should be at the top of the SEC, if not NCAA, by the end of the season.”

*Video* Tuberville at the white house

The video shows Tommy meeting with President Bush at the white house and talking about his recent trip to Iraq. CTT holds up seven fingers at his flag football squad in the middle east carries him off into the desert. War Damn America.