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Daily Archive for June 11th, 2008

Contact Juggler (Video)

Another Amazing Contact Juggler – Watch more free videos

2008 Auburn preview -> Troy in 2007?

Check out this trick play Tony Franklin called @ troy in 2006…

scroll to 2 min 52 sec:


and dif game this one at 1 min 34 sec:


more of troy and what au will look like next yr:


Troy Vs Opponents in 2007

Troy vs FL….59-31 Florida

Troy vs Ark…46-26 Arkansas

Troy vs UGA…44-34 Georgia

Auburn Vs Opponents in 2007

AU vs FL…20-17 Auburn

AU vs Ark…9-7 Auburn

AU vs UGA…20-45 Georgia

AU VS TROY in Scores Against SEC Opponents

            FL          ARK         UGA

AU         20           9             20

TROY     31          26           34

Tiger VI Flight 2006 LSU game (Video)

Student Section View

Auburn #8 in Athlon Preseason Mag