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WATCH OUT CHRIS HANSEN! bama man is on the prowl!

 Courtesy NBC15NEWS

(Bay Minette, AL)  June 11- Local teens imitating the NBC show “To Catch a Predator” end up catching what police call an actual predator. Police say 39 year old John Andrew Salter was arrested at a teen’s home in Bay Minette after using the internet to lure teenage boys. The twist? He’s already a registered sex offender.

Think Dateline NBC’s “To Catch a Predator”, except without the cops, cameras, or Chris Hanson.  Just a group of Bay Minette teenagers and a real sexual predator.  “We were like, “Lets get him off the streets, let’s call him and get him arrested.”  Chief Michael Rowland of the Bay Minette Police Department says, “After they saw how that was conducted they decided to try that themselves, and they were successful, they did lure a predator to their house.”

It all started when a local teen and his buddies were contacted by “Bama-Man.  They say he sent this explicit message, along with his phone number.  “I got a friend request from some guy named Mike, from Georgia, hes 26. He had no pictures.”  But Bama-Man, wasn’t 26 or named Mike.  He’s 39 year old John Andrew Salter, and he’s a convicted child rapist.  The teens of course, had no idea at the time, they just knew he was after kids…and they wanted to catch him.   “It actually took him about 15 minutes from when we called him on the telephone to get over here.”  His friends hid in a back room and called police, while this teen went outside to meet Salter.  “When some big old guy like that walked up, it got serious.  I stalled him to stay here.”  Chief Rowland says the teens were lucky they didn’t get hurt.  “Once he got there, I think they realized the danger they were in.”

Jenna Susko: ‘Did Salter say he’s done this before?’ “Yeah.”  Going Dateline style- the teen talked the man into coming inside the house while they waited for police.  He’s just glad Salter’s off the computer, and sitting in jail.  Jenna Susko: ‘Would you do this again?’ “Yes, in a heartbeat.”   It’s why this teen wouldn’t show his face.

If you know someone is trying to lure a minor on the internet, police say to save the typed messages, and call them, so they can track them down.  Don’t try catching them yourself.  Salter is charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor and enticement.

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