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Auburn vs. LSU always a treat

July 8, 2008 1:36 PM

Posted by’s Chris Low

Here are the top three games to watch in the West. A few that didn’t make the cut but will still factor heavily into the race are LSU at Florida on Oct. 11, Georgia at LSU on Oct. 25 and Auburn at Alabama on Nov. 29:

1. LSU at Auburn, Sept. 20
If you were picking the most compelling SEC games from the last decade, more than a few of the Auburn-LSU clashes would be on the list. Those clashes always seems to go down to the final minutes, and almost always there’s some sort of strange twist. A year ago, LSU threw a touchdown pass on the final play (when all it needed to win was a field goal) and had all of one second to spare. Still don’t know about that clock management, Coach Miles. The game is at Auburn this season, and the home team has won eight in a row. Both teams will be breaking in new quarterbacks, so there’s bound to be some mistakes. This one will come down to defense, and LSU is a little bit better on that side of the ball.

2. Georgia at Auburn, Nov. 15
Stepping outside the division late in the season, Auburn will probably be in a position where it needs to win this game to get to Atlanta. The Bulldogs have given the scoreboard a workout against the Tigers each of the last two years, scoring a combined 82 points. The other reason this game is so big for Auburn is that the Iron Bowl showdown with Alabama comes two weeks later in Tuscaloosa, so it shapes up as a tough close to the season. The Tigers could play their way into or out of the West championship those last few weeks.

3. Alabama at LSU, Nov. 8
Nick Saban’s assistants have already joked that they have no plans to be anywhere near the same bus he’s on when the Crimson Tide rolls onto LSU’s campus in November. The game last season was certainly intriguing. But this will be Saban’s first trip back to LSU as the coach of Alabama. He’ll feel about as welcome as Michael Vick at a PETA rally. Alabama played well enough to win against LSU for three quarters last season, but couldn’t finish the game. We’ll find out what this Alabama team has learned after another year with Saban.


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